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Why we Still Like Billboard Advertising

With the rapid rise of social media, and online traffic at an all-time high, it’s easy to focus all of your marketing efforts on the world of digital. But traditional marketing methods,


Aerodrums Choose Studiowide

We are excited to announce that Aerodrums – the most portable and quietest drum kit in the world, has chosen Studiowide as their retained, full-service marketing agency.


Training Collateral Design

Recent winners of SEMTA National Skills Innovation award; Sharing in Growth has chosen to work with Studiowide on the material-design and marketing of a world-class


Premseal Choose Studiowide

Premseal, the leading national manufacturer of profiled foam fillers and supplier of core sealing products for the roofing, cladding, glazing, coldstore and maintenance


Chatbots in Marketing

No customer service rep wants to answer the same question a hundred times a day. No sales rep wants to talk to people who aren’t going to buy. And if you’re leading an organisation, you can’t afford to let


Web Development for Cardiac Network

We are excited and extremely proud to have been selected to design and develop the new website for the North West, North Wales and Isle of Man Congenital Heart Network.


Containers Direct Choose Studiowide

We are pleased to announce that Containers Direct have chosen Studiowide as their retained marketing partner, for another year running,


Rolls-Royce Learning Materials

Rolls-Royce chooses Studiowide for another key project! Our client, Rolls-Royce, is currently going through a global HSE Project. One of their objectives is


Bombardier Internal Communications

Bombardier is the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains. The Derby site is a global centre of excellence for rail engineering and aluminium


The First App of Its Kind

We’re immensely proud to be involved in a new virtual reality/augmented reality app for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Charity and the NHS, the first app of its kind that’s designed to both educate and entertain


Sharing in Growth Choose Studiowide

Recent winners of SEMTA National Skills Innovation award; Sharing in Growth has chosen to work with Studiowide on the material-design and marketing of a world-class

How to Make Advertising Work

Whilst most advertisements could win design competitions, many don’t deliver on the simple, fundamental, characteristics required for effective marketing


Age Appropriate

Here we go again. We find ourselves banging this personalised marketing drum quite a lot recently. We don’t mind becoming a bit of a bore though with something this fundamental in marketing.  The more people we can help to connect


Do you have the right Client Acquisition process?

One of the biggest reasons some businesses fail to reach their true potential is due to the lack of any systematic approach

Rolls-Royce Choose Studiowide for Global Project

Studiowide were recently selected to work with the Rolls-Royce Ethics team to create a web platform that will deliver the official Rolls-Royce

International Marketing

We’re extremely fortunate as a full-service marketing company that we get to work with many different clients; big and small, b2b and b2c, across many sectors.

Marketing isn’t a


Phoenix Safe Choose Studiowide

We are pleased to announce that Phoenix Safe Company have chosen Studiowide as their retained Marketing Company for the 2nd year running.

Phoenix Safe are a world leader in manufacturing


NHS Neurosciences Picks Studiowide

NHS Paediatric Neurosciences Network has appointed Studiowide to design and develop its new North West Network website, following a successful pitch.

The Studiowide web design


A1-CBISS Choose Studiowide

We are pleased to announce that A1-CBISS Ltd have selected Studiowide as their retained marketing agency for the 2nd year running.

A1-CBISS are a well established North West based SME who are on the up.


Event Filming at Rolls-Royce

Location: Rolls-Royce Learning and Development Centre

Studiowide were recently chosen to film a Process Engineering Leadership Academy. The event is part of a

Liverpool Marketing Company Doubling in Size

[PRESS RELEASE] Studiowide signs a 5-year lease for new creative studios at ‘Hidden Hardman Street’. Liverpool based strategic


Hawco Choose Studiowide

We are pleased to announce that Hawco Ltd has selected Studiowide as their retained marketing agency for the 2nd year running.

Hawco, with its head offices in Surrey, is

Web App for Aerospace Sector

We are proud to announce that Studiowide has been selected as a subcontract supplier to design and develop an online application for the Regional Growth Fund programme, Sharing in Growth.

We are part of the delivery team


Studiowide all set for relocation

Feeling really excited about our new studios in the heart of the Cultural Quarter. This space looks amazing now the original beams and brickwork have been exposed. ‪#‎Renovation‬

93 days to go and counting

Helping to Win Awards

Just heard some great news from one of our clients, regarding a recent campaign that we produced for them in partnership with Wirral Council.

Studiowide created the Warmer Wirral campaign for Energy Projects Plus.


Food Label Designs

We recently completed another custom label design project for our client who is a speciality fine food manufacturer.  The Label is part of a series of 7 custom food labels which will form part of the new Grim Reaper chilli sauces range.


Video for Financial Industry

MarketsPulse approached Studiowide after viewing our previous work online. The initial request was for a kinetic typography style video with a mix of hand-drawn animation


Push, Pull & Profile Strategies

What are push, pull and profile strategies?
Push, Pull and Profile are the 3 P’s in an organisations marketing communications strategy.

A Push strategy promotes a product


Marketing audits – PESTLE

What is a marketing audit?

The first stage of the marketing audit process is the external analysis. It is a systematic approach to create information necessary to an organisation


Using Motion Tracking in Videos

A short introduction on utilising Motion Tracking in videos: by me, Danny Piercy (yes; that’s me in this test video).

Motion tracking; is it video footage, is it motion graphics or is it

BeeCycle Photography

On the back of what seems to be a ‘roll’ for us regarding interesting products coming into Studiowide; we have just completed more professional photography for another new client.


Product Photography for Websites

Alive & Dirty clothing, based in the new Liverpool 1 shopping area, came to Studiowide with a brief for fashion product photography images to go on their new website.


Marketing Environment – Micro

Micro Marketing Environment
The micro marketing environment consists of certain forces that are part of an organisations marketing process, but remain external to the organisation.

Advertising Campaign for Cryotherapy

One of our latest advertising campaigns is due to be launched in the executive and professional sports magazine: AtTheMatch. The publication runs cutting-edge features

Taps and Showers Photography

Our photography studio has been put to the test over the last 2 weeks on a recent product photography project for one of our clients, Taps & Showers Direct Ltd. The company is updating their website

Mascot Design

Containers direct, based in Garston, Liverpool, supply a wide range of new and second-hand shipping containers, site cabins and site offices across the UK. They came to us recently for assistance with their mascot design


Motion Graphics Design

Motion graphics can be a great way of communicating your company message to your audience. It’s particularly useful to businesses that perhaps don’t have physical products or processes to shoot


Exhibition Design

One of the largest Gravure Printing companies in Europe, Prinovis, liked our last exhibition stand design so much… they came back to us for their next one! The In-Store Marketing Show, London



Infographics are a great way of visualising information, or in this case for our client Plastic Closures, we created an infographic to show the manufacturing process of plastic caps, in a fun and creative way.


Darts Practice Rings

We have just completed a website design & development project as part of our full-service marketing brief for one of our clients. This project is one of two retail products which we have developed and launched


NHS Poster Campaign

This is our third in a poster series design for the NHS, to promote and inform people of the awareness of a cleft palate transition focus group.  The group has been set up to help and encourage children

360 Degree Photography

We’ve just completed some more 360 photography. This time around it’s for our client Bobby Barton Inventions Ltd and a product called ‘Walking Stick Mate’.


NHS Brochure Design

We have successfully finished and delivered a graphic design, copywriting and marketing project for the St Helens & Knowsley Health Informatics department of the NHS.


SWOT Analysis

What is it?
The SWOT analysis model (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) is the most common marketing tool for structuring your marketing audits. The purpose of


Promotional mix – Sales promotions

Definition of sales promotion?
Sales promotions are tactical activities used as part of the overall promotional mix. They’re intended to produce quick and short-term changes in consumer or


The Marketing Mix

What’s it all about?
The marketing mix, often referred to as the 4P’s is probably the most well-known concept in marketing. It’s the set of marketing tools that a company uses to pursue its marketing objectives in a chosen target market.


The Marketing Audit

What is a Marketing Audit?

The marketing audit is basically a structured analysis and review of your current marketing activities carried out through an examination of your marketing strategies, tactics and objectives.


Marketing Orientation

What does Marketing Orientation really mean?

Business orientations are classified into the following groups: Production Orientation, Product Orientation, Sales Orientation, and Market Orientation.


Role of Marketing

Marketing has taken a variety of forms as it’s developed over the years.

A common and extremely incorrect view is that selling and advertising is marketing.


Developing your Corporate Story

The Corporate Story is written in order to provide organisations with a starting block for developing a strategic message. The story helps you to understand


Creating a Strong Brand

Corporate Identity and the Reputational Platform.

Creating a strong corporate identity is a priority for every business. However, there aren’t many companies who are able to create


Corporate identity & brands

Corporate Personality
Personality is at the heart of an organisation, it’s the character, ‘the way things are done around here’ and can be viewed as


Corporate Reputation

What is Corporate Reputation?

There are 3 elements to Corporate Reputation. (These are referred to as the reputational radar.)

1) Brand Reputation: how the public perceives a brand.


Marketing Planning

What is it?
Marketing planning is a roadmap which consists of strategic and tactical (day-to-day) organisational marketing activities that are required to drive your company forward,


Marketing Planning Cycle

The marketing planning cycle; Analyse, Planning, Implementation and Control (APIC) is a model used to visually illustrate the 4 stages of planning within a marketing environment.

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