Breaking In

So third year students… how does it feel?

The majority of you have finished dissertations, handed in final major projects and are undoubtedly, (and hopefully) celebrating your last day of University with a hefty amount of alcohol down the pub! And although not knowing what’s happening next is exciting it can also be a little daunting trying to get noticed by the creative industry when there are literally thousands of other students in the same position…

I wanted to write this post simply because I was in the same position this time last year.

I read this great article this morning on the BBH lab website giving new creatives advice on how to get their book noticed. The article is referring to William Burks Spencer book ‘Breaking In’  – a book in which he interviews 100 Creative Directors about what they look for in a portfolio. Hence this is the book to read for tips and advice on creating a portfolio that will get you hired.

The key point Spencer makes is to create a book with personality. Most portfolios ‘can look the same’ because everyone presents what they think an agency is looking for. “Very few juniors venture outside of the normal format: 5-7 campaigns and a resume.” The book describes those juniors who were successful in standing out by going against the norm. From low-res films to ‘absurd letters’ these are all things that Creative Directors could recall years later, hence it worked it making them memorable and more importantly getting hired! Read Article


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