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Zoostorm required a set of photographs for a selection of the PC’s in their line-up – from small form factor desktop computers to monstrous LED covered gaming machines. In total we had five computers to photograph and around twelve different angles/scenes to set up for each computer.

The majority of the computers had a gloss black plastic trim on them which looked fantastic under our Read more


Fast Hand Dryers are a Liverpool based company with over 30 years’ experience in the washroom industry. They supply a range of quality and super quick electrical hand dryers – more hot air than you know what to do with! Read more


On the back of what seems to be a ‘roll’ for us regarding interesting products coming into Studiowide; we have just completed more professional photography for another new client. This time the images are destined for use on websites and packaging. The project was for a local, and pretty cool, company called BEEcycle, based in Liverpool. These guys are extremely innovative when it comes to creating and providing solutions to solving the problem of waste. Read more