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Timeline Stories

Add Products

What are you going to sell? Is it a new or existing product? Add all your products, services and offers into the lead ecosystem, including important details such as Product name, Product type, Product price and costs, to start putting your plan together.


Map Your Funnel

Drag-and-drop your next marketing idea, campaign, product launch, webinar flow or customer journey into an elegant, interactive ecosystem. Or map out an existing marketing funnel and explore new ideas to boost your profit and results even more. You can create gorgeous full-funnel maps (simple or complex) while making the process quick and easy.


Add Expenses (Optional)

You can plan and forecast all your marketing funnel costs, Pay Per Click (PPC) fees and business expenses upfront. This means that you get a complete picture of your true profit… right down to the last penny.


Simulate Traffic

Simulate real traffic campaigns with your new lead ecosystem and determine your profit before you build any pages or pay for traffic. Or take an existing funnel and model “What If” traffic scenarios to improve, scale and grow.