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How to Make Advertising Work

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Whilst most advertisements could win design competitions, many don’t deliver on the simple, fundamental, characteristics required for effective marketing communications.

Here’s a top 7 list (we all like numbered lists, right?) to help identify the key characteristics of a solid advertising concept. (We’d be more than happy to share some more resources on this topic if you’d like to dig a little deeper into this subject).

  • Engagement – does the advertisement stop the reader and engage them to continue spending their time to learn more about your offer? Read more

Age Appropriate

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Here we go again. We find ourselves banging this personalised marketing drum quite a lot recently. We don’t mind becoming a bit of a bore though with something this fundamental in marketing.  The more people we can help to connect with their target market has got to be a good thing, right?

So here we go. Here’s another way to go about targeting your audience. Segmenting your audience into age cohorts is one of those ways you can divvy up your marketing efforts to pave the way for a more targeted approach.The correct marketing speak for this by the way (uh oh, I hear) is Generational Marketing. Read more

Do you have the right Client Acquisition process?

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One of the biggest reasons some businesses fail to reach their true potential is due to the lack of any systematic approach to generating enough high-quality leads. However, the real battle isn’t getting the leads into the sales funnel, it’s an inability to turn those leads into customers.

Take companies in the professional service sectors for example. Most can go from surviving to thriving with the generation of 6-8 new clients. This means, to succeed, you need to beef up your Lead Generation activities with a Client Acquisition process.

Consider this. If you tasked yourself with getting a defined number of Read more

Lead Generation & Client Acquisition

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Project7 are a Global Management Consultancy and specialists in Performance Improvement. The Company operates from a UK based head office, with 4 strategically placed additional locations across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Australia.

The Company were looking to improve their existing process and procedures for customer acquisition, with a particular focus on targeting North America.

Our Client was conscious that existing contracts in the North American region were coming to an end and now wanted to proactively target this market, in a planned and sustainable way.

Project7 chose Studiowide as their preferred supplier for their Read more

Full Service Marketing for Bishopgate

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Based in Crosby, Liverpool; our client, MD Beckett Financial Services, offer comprehensive, independent advice across a range of financial fields.

Having already delivered a successful Contact Strategy for MD Beckett Financial Services, their Managing Director, Mark Beckett, recently re-approached us with an exciting Read more