Sharing in Growth (SiG) is an ambitious transformation programme that helps UK aerospace suppliers share in the growth of aerospace and other global markets. They provide training and development courses tailored to the needs of each supplier and targeted towards a world-class standard of performance.

We have a long-standing relationship with SiG, and the company know we have a long record of delivering excellent work on time. This is why they chose to work with us on this crucial project.

The client needed a set of branded case studies to demonstrate the impact their transformation programmes have had on a selection of companies. They wanted to showcase the challenges they had undertaken, how they overcame them, and how they helped their clients make improvements to their processes.

SiG made it clear from the outset that they wanted the case studies to look consistent with a set of roller banners we had previously designed for one of their All STAR events. Creating a consistent style was easy to do; the issue was condensing the content to fit within the design. We needed to fit the content within a single-sided roller banner, but still keep it looking balanced, legible and aesthetically pleasing. This required us to cut down longer, more detailed content and translate any technical jargon their audience might not understand into layman’s terms.

The project’s scope was also a key challenge – there were 29 case studies to create and only 4 weeks to create them in. Completing the work within the tight deadline without sacrificing quality required careful planning and minimal downtime.

We provided SiG with a custom case study wireframe to fill in in order to gather the necessary information. The wireframe had a maximum character count, which ensured that there wasn’t too much text to include. This template made the whole case study creation process easier and reduced the number of edits required throughout.

To keep the style consistent with the roller banners, we referred back to the previous roller banner designs for inspiration early in the design process and replicated the block sections and imagery.

SiG was delighted with the case study designs and was happy that the style was thoroughly consistent with the rest of their branding. We used our tried and tested processes for extracting project information successfully from companies, and the results were extremely effective.

This structured approach meant that we could create powerful case studies that described the challenges, solutions and results of the Sharing in Growth programme. The information within the designs is informative, yet clear to read and easy to digest. SiG was pleased with the results and we have continued our long-term relationship with the company.

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Case Study Design

“Our positive collaboration with Studiowide has resulted in visually impressive project case study banners, delivering clear and concise messaging. From start to finish, the Studiowide team have always looked to enhance our product, utilising their extensive skills and experience, ensuring they deliver on their commitments even when faced with challenging timescales.”

Alistair Gower, Head of Operations