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Alder Hey Childrens Hospital

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We specialise in creating fully-immersive, interactive virtual experiences.

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360° cinematography, plus interactive mapping

We create 360° Virtual Experiences that welcome visitors and introduce them to your location in an immersive, engaging and captivating way. Our unique remote-control camera robot can quietly traverse through open spaces with a minimum amount of disruption - recording beautiful 360° footage along the way.

  • Expert VR direction and cinematography, captured using our custom-designed 360 camera robot.
  • Viewable from anywhere in the world, from any device; computer, tablet, smartphone, VR or Google headsets.
  • Allow visitors to explore and experience your company or place of interest at a time convenient to them.
  • Our Experiences are fully immersive, moving 360° video. We can capture the actual customer journey in real time.
  • Each Virtual Experience comes with its own multilevel interactive Experience map. This helps users to navigate around various points of interest.
  • The Experience works directly from your website. Driving user engagement and keeping visitors on your site for longer.

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Our broad expertise in digital media has led to the development of our own, custom-built 360° camera robot; which allows us to capture fully-immersive, totally unique footage of your company or place of interest. Our 360 robot takes the same route as your visitors, capturing the world around them from a fully-immersed, 360° perspective.

1. Planning

We work closely with you to understand and plan exactly what you want to accomplish from your VR experience. Once all planning and compliance is complete, we begin our filming.

2. Production

We film previously agreed points of interest, typically in one day. All 360 degree footage is stitched together in our Studios. We bring your virtual environment to life in less than 2 weeks.

3. Delivery

Your 360 Virtual Reality experience will be hosted on your website complete with its own interactive map. This can be viewed in VR headsets and on computers, tablets and mobile phones.


Alder Hey Children's Hospital

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