Chatbots In Marketing | Studiowide

No customer service rep wants to answer the same question a hundred times a day. No sales rep wants to talk to people who aren’t going to buy. And if you’re leading an organisation, you can’t afford to let either of those scenarios be the norm.

Chatbots provide a solution to both of these problems. Their infinite capacity helps free up your employees and scale your organisation’s efforts.

Whether you plan to use chatbots for lead generation or customer service, their artificial intelligence ensures that your human resources are only used when they’re needed and that your organisation communicates with the most people possible.

However, a world without lead forms can seem scary to some marketers. If it didn’t come in through a lead capture form, did it really happen? How will I even get credit for these leads?

But that’s where chatbots can come in. Chatbots are like superpowers for your marketing funnel.

Instead of relying on the same old marketing automation tools to capture leads, chatbots can automate conversations with potential customers while they are live on your website — not after they’ve left.

Plus, bots can get all of the information that you would have had to require on a form — but without the friction and cognitive load that you get when you’re staring down a form with 11 required fields (that’s the industry average; not kidding).

We started to use our chatbot to help capture user information on some of our gated landing pages. Not only has the feedback been positive, but we have also experienced a higher engagement rate, this is probably attributed to a lot of people having their interest peaked in how this actually works on a download form. But that’s still good, right?