Website Design For Darts Practice Rings

We have just completed a website design & development project as part of our full-service marketing brief for one of our clients. This project is one of two retail products which we have developed and launched over the last 8 months for the same customer. This product is a game called the Darts Practice Rings and is unique to the market. The game comes fully endorsed by Eric Bristow!

The website has been designed to reflect the style of the packaging, which was also designed in-house by Studiowide. The brief was to create a fully editable dynamic website with a content management system, integrated with a payment system to allow customers to purchase the Darts Practice Rings, direct from the website.

We had a choice to use either the Drupal or WordPress platform as a content management system. Typically, our decision of which one to use normally comes down to; the intricacy of the site, what the client will be using it for and which platform the customer is already used to. If it’s a multi-product and complex website then most certainly we would use Drupal. In this case, we used WordPress.

Now that the Darts Practice Rings website is up and running we have moved into the promotion stage, ready for the full product launch in July.

The range of Studiowide services used on this project in order to get the idea from concept to retail stores where; strategic marketing, digital marketing, web development, product photography, graphic design,  video production and motion graphics. All of these services demonstrate our in-house capabilities.


Corporate video produced by Studiowide for Darts Practice Rings