Food Label Designs For Grim Reaper Sauces

We recently completed another custom label design project for our client who is a speciality fine food manufacturer.  The Label is part of a series of 7 custom food labels which will form part of the new Grim Reaper chilli sauces range.

Customers choose us for their food label design projects because of our extensive knowledge of packaging design formats and labelling requirements. This puts us in a perfect position to create packaging solutions for a wide range of retail sectors such as food, drink and general retail goods.

Having a professionally designed label will not ‘break the bank’ but can sometimes be the difference between making the sale or not. Packaging with shelf appeal can transform a product from a ‘me too’ range into something with serious impact.

The Grim Reaper Alchemy Sweet Chilli sauces labels were made using a vector illustrated image of the Grim Reaper, surrounded by flames whilst holding a potion bottle. The potion bottle is to signify the product contents, and on the final print version, the yellow spot colour was replaced with a gold coloured foil, creating a simple but unique bottle label.

This label design for the Grim Reaper Sauces fits alongside the rest of the Grim Reaper products, including Organic Chocolate and Chilli Oils. We utilised elements from previous designs to create an instantly recognisable brand with a consistent message.

When taking on any label design project there is no one size fits all with regards to labelling requirements – this changes depending on the type of product.  There are legal requirements which need to be taken into consideration for some products more than others, such as food.

Any information that is included on retail labels must not be misleading – providing false or misleading information in an offence. Our experience within the food labelling sector means that we can help our customers to create the right label first time, prior to being submitting to the relevant bodies for approval.