Welcome to the family Nolek

We’re excited to share news of our latest partnership with Nolek, a global leader in leak testing, proof testing, and leak detection technologies with its headquarters in Sweden.This project is set to transform Nolek’s online presence with a complete redesign and development of a brand-new corporate website, signifying a pivotal step forward in their digital strategy.

Nolek is an established provider in the field of advanced custom solutions across various industries, including the automotive, medical, and energy sectors.

It’s fantastic to work with companies who share a similar commitment to innovation and excellence, mirroring our values at Studiowide, making this partnership a perfect match.

The initial phase of our collaboration will focus on the design and development of a new corporate website, with the objective of enhancing user experience, improving brand identity, and showcasing Nolek’s comprehensive range of services and technologies. By leveraging our expertise in strategic marketing and digital innovation, we aim to create a platform that not only reflects Nolek’s industry-leading position but also drives engagement and growth.

Welcome onboard Nolek!