3 Challenges of an Email Marketing Channel

Email is a very powerful and personal channel. It allows you to create compelling campaigns with a high degree of automation.This will be a valuable part of your digital marketing strategy when done right, but also consider the following 3 challenges:

  1. Getting your email delivered. The best way to ensure good email deliverability is to use a commercial email marketing platform. In addition to that, keep the HTML design to an absolute minimum and ensure that your email copy doesn’t contain spammy phrases or use too many links.
  2. Getting your email opened. The best way to get your email opened is to have a compelling subject line. Imagine your email among hundreds of others in your prospect’s inbox. The job of your email subject line is to create curiosity and motivate the recipient to open your email. 
  3. Getting your email read. Some marketers advocate that you should keep emails to subscribers short. In reality, the length of your emails is secondary to their relevance and quality. If you write compelling content, it will get read. We regularly write very long emails on behalf of our clients. We also email subscribers frequently. If you track your emails and examine the data, you will know exactly what your target market likes in terms of the ideal email length and the frequency of sending emails.  An alternative approach is to keep emails short by only having a teaser or summary in the email body. Readers are then invited to click on a link so they can read more on your website landing page.