Have you implemented a strategy to hoover up as many contacts as possible, regardless of the quality? Don’t spend weeks or months nurturing a lead on your list, only to realize that the person isn’t a good fit for your product.

We suggest that you take a serious look at your target audience and avoid buying a cheap data list that may tarnish your reputation. 

Communication is the key to having an excellent relationship with your customers. Your valued customers may look elsewhere if you are unorganised with your CRM or if you lose focus on trying to squeeze what you can out of a cheap data list you have bought.

We have put together a useful guide outlining our best practices to utilise the power of social media and email marketing when it comes to building your contact list. We also share our top housekeeping tips for your contact list to help prevent your data from turning stale quickly.  

Download our free in-depth guide packed full of tools and processes to help get ahead of the curve and get a valuable head start.