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Traffic Entry Points

Create multiple “entry points” where traffic will enter your funnel. Ideally, you should have multiple traffic sources when you design your ecosystem so that you’re not relying on a single source.

Yes/No Pathways

Create Yes/No behavioural pathways in your lead ecosystem. It’s now just as important to consider what you do with the traffic that takes the action you want them to take, as those that immediately don’t.

Sales Pages & Order Forms

Add Sales Pages and Order Forms wherever you sell products & services in your lead ecosystem. You can add more than one product for a Sales Page, and also set up any lost proposal bids or cart abandonment rates.

Upsells & Downsells

Easily add an Upsell, Downsell or Cross-sell item to your ecosystem. This will help with product sales during the immediate and long-term customer lifetime value.

Opt-In Forms

It’s critically important to capture a prospect’s email address and permission to email them. Use the Opt-in Form object (and set the opt-in rate) to begin an email follow-up process.

Email Sequences

Map out pre-scheduled, automated email follow-up sequences to drive your prospects to different Landing Pages. Email sequences are a must-have in your strategy.

Wait Timers

You can add a ‘Wait’ mechanism anywhere in your funnel to have your pre-scheduled actions happen over a longer time period. Use a “1-Day” wait to send out an email the next day, for example.

FB Messenger Forms

ChatBots are becoming more important than ever for Digital Marketing. These automated ‘interactive’ sequences are a great way to send your prospects to different parts of your ecosystem.

Webinar (Live & Recorded)

You can simulate & plan any type of Webinar Campaign — and simulate the profitability. Live Webinars, Replays, or On-demand. See results based on Attendance & Purchase Rates.

Multi-Path Surveys

Survey Marketing is becoming more and more valuable for targeted Digital Marketing. Create different Marketing Funnel paths based on the answers a prospect chooses in a survey.

Content Pages

Sending prospects & customers to different types of content (blog posts, videos, whitepapers, etc.) is an important part of Digital Marketing. This object has an optional call-to-action built-in.

Application Forms

If you use an “application” process of any kind (such as for a Consulting funnel) you can easily simulate the application process (and conversions for it) by using this object.

SMS & Phone Activity

You can use model inbound or outbound text messages or phone calls for any funnel you create. Set the rate at which your prospects take any of the required actions to simulate the results.

Canvas Notes

Add multiple “Notes” anywhere you want on your ecosystem designs. Notes are useful to help you and your team to understand what’s happening at different parts of your lead ecosystem.

Custom Object Colours

Change the colours for any Objects you use to design your lead ecosystem. Use the same colour for all of your Objects, or change them individually. It’s up to you.

URL Thumbnails

Setting up a Landing Page object that already exists? Enter the URL. This will automatically create a beautiful thumbnail from that page and create a ‘hot link’ so you can click to open that page for convenience.

Object Metrics

A powerful option you can toggle ON & OFF. This will show you a “Totals” box next to each Object in your ecosystem. This calculates the traffic flow through that object as well conversions & revenue.

Pathway Indicators

Another great option you can toggle ON & OFF.  Dashed red lines will tell you when traffic is not currently flowing at that point of your Project and will display solid red lines to indicate a problem you should fix.

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