Content Creation Inspiration Guide

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a starting point for your content, and, inspire some new ideas.

Whether it’s emails, blog posts, videos, articles or anything else… coming up with decent content on a regular basis is tough. To help you get going, here are 5 methods you can use to generate ideas for content, that won’t leave you staring at a blank screen, and will actually be of interest to your audience.

1) Illustrate a problem

The first method is to tell a personal story about a problem you had. Make sure it’s a particular problem that your target audience is also experiencing (like coming up with good ideas for content!)

As long as it’s a problem they have, or can see themselves having, they’ll pay attention. And the personal story adds that little bit of drama, whilst also building empathy.

2) Success Story

Next, share a success story. Be careful here – you don’t want to invoke jealousy. Instead, show the difficulties the customer went through and what they learned (make sure the learning is usable by your audience).

3) Reflect on Current Events

Another method is to reflect on current events. If there’s something interesting in the news, feel free to use it as a springboard to talk about something in your field. The connection has to be obvious rather than shoehorned, of course, but feel free to use anything from serious news to the latest celebrity gossip. Any topic that’s hot right now will get attention and be of interest.

4) Back to Basics

Go back to basics. Show your audience how some of the fundamentals that everyone’s forgotten about can be the key to success.

5) Make a List

And finally, simply do what we’re doing here – make a list. Everyone likes lists. A Top 10 (or any number) list adds interest to what might otherwise be a boring topic. Your audience is always interested in what you see as the top 10 or top 5. They might agree or disagree, but either way, they’ll pay attention.

When it comes to creating your next piece of content, try one of these 5 methods and let us know what you think.

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