Envea Immersive Experience

As a long-standing partner of Envea, a leading supplier of environmental monitoring solutions, we were approached with an exciting challenge. Envea was set to exhibit at a prominent trade show and were keen on creating a distinctive experience for its stand that would captivate visitors.

Initially, Envea had in mind an ambitious VR journey. This would involve users virtually flying over an industrial chimney, climbing up the stack, and subsequently interacting with their state-of-the-art emission monitors. Whilst innovative, we identified potential challenges related to both the budget allocated to the trade show and the core message’s clarity.

The Challenge

For Envea, the essence of their brand isn’t about the adrenaline of climbing a virtual chimney. It’s a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and their relentless drive to counteract climate change through pioneering emissions monitoring solutions. We felt that the initially proposed VR experience, though engaging, might not convey this vital message.

Our Solution

Drawing upon our expertise, we conceptualised an alternative immersive experience. Instead of a high-octane VR adventure, we proposed a serene journey within a dimly lit infinite space. This setting would shield attendees from the trade show’s inevitable hustle and bustle. Using soft guiding lights, users were led down a dark runway, gradually immersing them in an enveloping 3D audio-visual narrative.

Using cutting-edge AI software, we replicated the voice of a distinguished public figure synonymous with sustainability and climate change. Through this voice, a compelling story unfolded, detailing the global repercussions of climate change and underscoring the synergy between sustainability and manufacturers who embrace sustainable practices.

Emerging from obscurity, video screens displayed footage of our planet’s transformation, weaving the narrative into a personal context for each viewer. We designed the entire experience to be uncomplicated and user-centric, only asking attendees to take a seat and initiate the journey, thus bypassing the potential intricacies and learning curves often linked with VR experiences at exhibitions.


Though only 10 minutes in duration, our immersive experience deeply resonated with the viewer. By harnessing the potency of emotive storytelling and the allure of VR, we effectively communicated Envea’s ethos of sustainability and its dedication to forging a more eco-conscious tomorrow. This initiative not only provided Envea with a unique experience but also epitomised our dedication to understanding our clients and crafting solutions that genuinely resonate with their audiences.