Google Business Profile Solutions – Our offer

When people think of an online world, they normally think of huge global companies like Amazon and Facebook. 

What people often overlook is how this change has affected the landscape for all businesses, right down to small and micro-sized.  

The truth is that the buyers’ journey and overall decision-making process has had a major shakeup in the last few years. When we look at the various touchpoints, we can see exactly how today’s customer is in far more control than they used to be.

High-performing businesses of all sizes have figured out that a Google Business Profile is the foundation for a solid digital footprint. A recent study by Google found that SMEs making the most use of their online presence are 2.8 times more likely to enjoy revenue growth than those who do not.

This is why our programme is quickly becoming the go-to solution for businesses that are looking to increase their online enquiries.

Our goal is to help businesses generate more leads online, whether that’s by getting more phone and video calls or more email enquiries. 

We do this using the company Google Business Profiles as a starting point and then expand this into a practice called local search optimisation, or “local SEO”. This helps businesses rank higher on Google when people are searching for their services.

Google makes up 90% of all search engine traffic and 25% of the search signals. When a potential customer searches for your business on Google, your Google Business Profile knowledge panel is what appears on the right-hand side of the page, so it’s normally the first thing prospects will see when they look for you online. If your Google Business Profile hasn’t been properly optimised then you’ll never succeed in Google search.

There’s a lot of room for error when setting up and managing a Google Business Profile listing, especially for business owners who are too busy actually running their business to read through the research on best practices. This is why when we start working with a client it’s the first thing that we review.

It all starts by uncovering which search terms people are actually searching for. We use Google’s tools to pull back the total number of local searches on Google every month for each of your services. This helps us identify which search terms we need to optimise for.

In addition to everything that we do as part of our standard offer, with our premium service we’ll also create up to 20 Google Posts over a period of 6 months. These are like social media updates that live on your Google Business Profile. This helps drive conversions from your listing and are a good signal to Google that your business is active and relevant. 

As well as Google posts, we’ll also create or edit 100 citations (also known as a business listing or online directory listings). This is any place online that displays your business’ name, address and phone number.  This ensures optimal visibility in Google for your business.

We’ve seen a huge change over the past 15 years in the power that the customer’s voice has on every business. Online reviews have been growing in importance since smartphone adoption.

This is why, the very first thing that we undertake for our clients is an audit of their reviews, which we then benchmark against their top-performing competitors. 

Finally, online reviews build trust in abundance when making a buying decision. A business with a great online reputation will establish great trust with a prospect before they’ve even spoken to them.

If you would like to make the most of your Google Business Profile but are not sure where to begin, then I recommend our FREE report.

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