Metaverse Marketing

The internet will never take off. Sound familiar? The same thing is being said about metaverse marketing right now. Regardless of the hype, it’s about time that we take a dive into this new virtual world and explain our experiences to date.

What happens in the metaverse stays in the metaverse.

There is a distinct divide between those companies who now actively participate in the “metaverse” and those who have been developing solutions in this space for many years.

The former have embraced the metaverse like the proverbial adopted child, whereas the latter, who fully understand its nuances, are less vocal.

I guess it’s like comparing a new parent with a family of 10 – with battle scars and life experiences etched into their being.

The “scars of battle” are firmly in our minds, which is why we – as self-proclaimed pioneers of immersive environments, used by companies to launch products, promote and educate people, are relatively quiet on this subject.

In fact, this is not strictly true, we re-positioned ourselves 5 years ago, in true marketing style by creating our sister company The Immersive Learning Studio, to handle the bulk of the demand for Immersive technologies. Our services are called upon from across the globe for learning and development purposes.

The space for metaverse marketing is still firmly in the early adopter phase of its Lifecycle, however, we have proven the concept time after time, and the progressive bunch within our client list have experienced the real value that marketing their products in the metaverse can bring. It’s time for Studiowide to name their baby and go play with the other mums in the proverbial 3D virtual spaces.

Welcome to Metaverse Marketing Heroes. We’ve earned our badge!

If you would like to enquire about any of the work that we have done – we have lots of demonstrations and projects that we can show you, about how you can potentially use the metaverse to market your products or services. Simply get in touch.

In the meantime. Here’s a selection of the work that we have done within the Metaverse Marketing space. Enjoy!