How to Grow Your Sales Pipeline!

Agency Secrets Part 7 – The Lead Ecosystem

How to create customised Sales Funnels and
choose the return on investment that suits you.

How it Works

Step 1: Drive Traffic

Say you sell a product or service for £2,000, and you spend £1,500 to drive 1,500 potential customers to a page on your website. With this information let’s say that the page converts visitors to sign-ups at a rate of just 25% (ours average 35%). That would generate 375 new, sufficiently interested contacts for your email list.

Step 2: Send a Killer Email

Shortly after they sign up, you send them a killer email to demonstrate how you solve similar problems to what they are experiencing right now – you do this by educating and communicating your ‘light bulb moment’ solution.

Step 3: Book a Call

Assuming 40% of people read the email, that’s 150 people, say 10% book a call. That’s 15 calls booked; by potential customers who have seen the ad, opted-in, received some emails and scheduled a call.

This is all done using clever ads, compelling copy and a fully automated system – your new super digital salesperson who never sleeps, and works around the clock!

Step 4: Close the Sale

From these 15 calls booked, your best closer follows up on these opportunities – using a proven script (that we have written for you), and they close a respectable 20%. That’s 3 new customers!

2 pay in full – 2 x £2,000 = £4,000. 1 pays over 2 instalments, as he is watching his cash flow closely. That’s another £1,000 collected!

Meaning £5,000 in the bank and £1,000 for next month, on its way.

This means that £1,500 you’ve spent on online ads 9that we’d written and managed for you) has resulted in £6,000. And that is based on average-to-poor results using just ONE funnel!

Step 5: Send Follow-Up Emails

Let’s not forget the 360 people on your list that didn’t initially book a call – maybe they’re not quite ready – no problem. We’ll build a 2nd funnel, which is slightly longer-term focussed and loaded with an automated email follow-up sequence that we’ll also create for you), to take care of those contacts. That bags you an extra 2 customers and £10,000 revenue overall!

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