Motion Graphics Design

Motion graphics can be a great way of communicating your company message to your audience. It’s particularly useful to businesses that perhaps don’t have physical products or processes to shoot and so a traditional filmed video wouldn’t achieve the right result.

When Liverpool based gravure printing company, Prinovis asked us to design and produce another motion graphics video, we jumped at the chance. This motion graphics video was planned for reveal at an upcoming exhibition: The In-Store Marketing Show, London.

In most cases, videos containing motion graphic design are an excellent way to deliver a message, whilst maintaining the engaging and diverse qualities that video provides. They can be extremely powerful when combined with video footage and can be used to create rich multimedia training videos or videos with a lot of information.

Motion graphics works really well with text and information heavy content, as it allows you to tell a story through moving graphics, animation and kinetic typography. Some content can often be over-whelming when delivered via narration or flat diagrams/imagery.

Combining visual animation, graphics and sound in this way provide an overall much more engaging experience, resulting in greater retention of information.

Our brief was to produce a 2.5 minute video which would support the company’s new campaign; ‘Bringing the Customer Journey to Life’. Prinovis requested that this motion graphic design project was to be in a similar style to the first video we did for them, but with a different story.

In this project, our remit was to focus on the relationship between print and mobile phone couponing. Our client wanted to show their print customers such as Argos, who invest heavily in the Argos catalogue, that they can also bolster the customer consumer experience by providing multichannel touch points, via the use of the Prinovis mobile phone coupons.

To make the connection between print and digital we opted to design the final motion graphics video around the look and feel of a digital catalogue. The pages of the catalogue would then contain all of the relevant information that Prinovis wanted to deliver, in an animated form.

Our intention was to bring the catalogue pages to life and provide the viewer with unique imagery that would catch their attention. Our animated catalogue was positioned on a coffee table in the digital scene. We proceeded to introduce additional items that would normally be found around the home.

We utilised typical ‘real world’ objects normally found offline to give the video a much more realistic feel, bridging the gap and helping viewers to make the connection between the familiar physical catalogue and a digital form.

Our in-house graphic design and video production teams worked closely on this campaign.

This is the 2nd project which we have recently undertaken for Prinovis and was part of a wider marketing campaign of work, which included a 28-page booklet, done in a magazine design style and an exhibition back wall design.

If you would like to discuss how motion graphics could help your promotions then please get in touch!