NHS Brochure Design By Studiowide

We have successfully finished and delivered a graphic design, copywriting and marketing project for the St Helens & Knowsley Health Informatics department of the NHS.

The project brief was to create an organisational brochure from the ground up which could then be used to promote the Health Informatics Services across other primary care trusts within the NHS.

This was the first company brochure the Health Informatics team had commissioned, which meant we had a totally blank canvas to work from. The only stipulation we had was to meet a deadline to deliver the final printed brochures, ready for a regional NHS exhibition on the 30th of March.

We approached this brief with our marketing hats on. We held a half-day mind mapping session with 10 senior managers and directors from the Health Informatics team. We chose to use the mind mapping tool as we find it to be a very creative and visual way of brainstorming, plus it engages everyone from the start.

We gathered some flip charts, an easel and a pen and just let it all flow. After the four-hour session we had about 30 flip chart pieces of paper, all blue tacked around the walls of the meeting room. The overall idea of the event was to engage managers in discussions about segmentation, target markets, positioning and overall market orientation – these are subjects we find that aren’t discussed too often in public sector companies.

Following the morning event, we came away with a lot of large pieces of paper and some very clear ideas about the identity of the Health Informatics organisation. This knowledge acted as a foundation to feedback to our designers and provide detailed information for the copywriting of content.

The brochure was finished ahead of time and delivered to the NHS St Helens & Knowsley Informatics team 1 day early. The project included full design and printing of brochures. Our standard procedure for printed brochures is to utilise our digital publishing service to turn all hard copy brochures into fully interactive versions that the client can also utilise on their websites.