Studiowide Lunch & Learn

As a full-service marketing agency, we strive to impart a level of background knowledge within the delivery of all of our projects – it has been, and will always be, an integral part of the client/agency relationship here at Studiowide. Which is why we are pleased to announce the launch of the “Lunch & Learn” event as part of the Studiowide Academy.

Our programme consists of hands-on training, marketing toolkits, workshops, coaching, Q&A sessions, and tutorials; all designed to arm our Clients with the know-how to increase their digital presence and create demand for their products & services.

Successful businesses recognise the need to have their own internal marketing capability. Those who have invested in this area are making strides above and beyond their competitors. Those who haven’t are getting left behind.

A Lunch & Learn event is a great way to learn best-practice marketing insights.  We buy the lunch and you learn some bite-sized golden nuggets of marketing wisdom, from a senior marketer at the Studiowide Academy.

This event is not just limited to the marketing department – we encourage anyone who’s interested in learning more on the topic of marketing to get involved, too! This is also a great way of bringing together the sales and marketing departments – who can often be at loggerheads – under one common theme.

We’ll be starting with 3 of the hottest topics right now, which are…

1.     How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads:

LinkedIn Lead Generation plays a role in every business’ marketing strategy. Think about how many connection requests that you’ve accepted on LinkedIn, never to hear from that person again. That person made the effort to capture your attention, but they failed to reconnect with you again.

Our Lunch & Learn event will guide you through a step-by-step approach to the best practices of a LinkedIn Lead Generation Contact Strategy. This is our tried and tested approach to building a sales pipeline through LinkedIn.

2.     How to Implement a Marketing Automation Solution:

Having a great marketing automation system is like having your own Digital Sales Superhero. One who never sleeps and tirelessly works behind the scenes 24/7/365 to do the heavy lifting, leaving your team to focus on what they do best.

This Lunch & Learn session will focus on marketing automation solutions which incorporate business strategies, marketing processes and automation technologies in order to generate, qualify and develop leads along the entire sales cycle.

3.     The Lead Process Defined:

A typical company will have a lot of inbound enquiry routes to their business. For example, your leads generated through LinkedIn need to go somewhere. But where?

Many of these potential customers who interact with your company will have different buying needs and require a different level of engagement, depending on their buying process stage.

High-performing companies manage this process using a marketing automation solution, but before they do this, they first need to map-out their lead generation and lead nurturing processes.

This Lead Process Lunch & Learn event is perfect for anyone who is thinking about a Marketing Automation solution or wants to use a best-practice approach to laying out their Lead Process ecosystem.

What Our Clients Say 

“Thank you for delivering an inspiring and engaging session, at the University of Liverpool Management School, into the importance of getting branding right and its symbolic importance. You really brought the world of branding to life and provided rich examples, connecting theory with practice”. Liz Parsons, Professor of Marketing, University of Liverpool.

The lunch and learn event with Studiowide was a true eye opener, giving me an insight into the possibilities of utilising Linkedin combined with other tools I was unaware of, to really drive the sales pipeline. Ian Haywood, Sales Manager, Clwyd Compounders.

“Studiowide have been a real pleasure to work with from the very start. They epitomise professionalism, an eye for detail, cutting-edge knowledge of the latest marketing trends and techniques – as well as having an unrivalled passion for marketing. Hopefully, this is the start of many more events with Studiowide. Thank you for everything!” Ahmed. Al-Abdin, Director of Studies, University of Liverpool.

Kevin possesses vast marketing experience. He delivered a masterclass and an honest assessment of getting it right with brands. The whirlpool of examples that Kevin referred to really did connect the classroom with the real world”.