The First App of Its Kind

We’re immensely proud to be involved in a new virtual reality/augmented reality app for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Charity and the NHS, the first app of its kind that’s designed to both educate and entertain NHS patients and parents of young patients.

Alder Play is an augmented reality app for tablets that’s designed to both educate and entertain.

Children choose an animated avatar who can act as a virtual guide as they visit different parts of the hospital.

This friend can play games with to distract them from scary thoughts, and can minimise anxiety by answering questions about what medical procedures need to happen and why.

Kids can watch educational videos that show what it’s like to get an x-ray, for example. All while collecting badges for any tests, treatments, or operations they undergo.

“Our vision is to transform the experience of children in hospital,” says Nick Barnes, the consultant behind the app. “We wanted to distract patients during procedures, and reduce their worries and fears.”

“Rewarding children following procedures and treatments was another vital element as it helps to encourage their progress – [they] can be given for something as simple as having a dressing changed, to getting out of bed after an operation or having a scan.”

The new Alder Play app is a great example of co-operation across disciplines:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Alder Hey Children’s Charity, Shop Direct, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, and NHS England all helped fund the project, while ustwo, IBM, Hasbro, FACT Liverpool, Jungle Interactive, Lucy Casson, Tate Liverpool, The Hartree Centre, IBM, and Studiowide, all contributed content to support it.