Bombardier Internal Communications | Studiowide

Bombardier is the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains. The Derby site is a global centre of excellence for rail engineering and aluminium carbody manufacture.

As part of the Bombardier ethos of continuous improvement, they are looking to establish a global standard in their Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) process.

We are proud to have been selected by Bombardier Rail to effectively communicate to all relevant stakeholders, exactly what the benchmark should be.

Our identified solution is to document this process via video format. This will enable all relevant stakeholders to view the benchmarked standard, at a time and place that is convenient and productive for each individual, at every global location.

The aim of this project is to ensure all relevant Bombardier stakeholders:

  • Understand and demonstrate a common set of defined behaviours.
  • Understand the link between those behaviours and the company’s objectives.
  • Recognise the importance of ensuring the root cause of a failure is identified and resolved– not just resolve a specific event.
  • Understand how they can apply and benefit from this standard by making it relevant to them.