Why we Still Like Billboard Advertising

With the rapid rise of social media, and online traffic at an all-time high, it’s easy to focus all of your marketing efforts on the world of digital. But traditional marketing methods, though they might seem ‘old hat’, can lend a great deal of support to your digital marketing.

At Studiowide, we’re firm advocates of a multi-channel approach. Multi-channel marketing is important for the simple reason that you need to be where your customers are – and, they are everywhere!

Leveraging the unique benefits of both offline platforms, with the convenience and trends of online channels, results in an all-round higher performance, and optimum results.

With so much focus on our clients, it can be easy to neglect our own marketing sometimes! But for our recent campaign, we decided to go retro and create our own billboard design to support our current online activities. Choosing a strong design, one clear (tongue-in-cheek) message and a prime location; our billboard ad is not only high-impact – it was easy to organise and it’s completely low-maintenance.

Billboard advertising has played a powerful part in marketing strategies for decades. And here’s why it can be a great investment for your business, too…

  1. Get Creative

While it might be mistaken as a tired or clichéd form of advertising, billboards provide a huge canvas for getting as flexible and imaginative with your creativity as you like! It’s an exciting opportunity to showcase your company’s branding & identity, and deliver a key message, in an engaging and memorable way.

Coming up with a design concept that was bound to turn heads was the starting point in our creative discussions.  We opted for bold, on-brand colours, coupled with clear wording that highlighted one simple and short message – our marketing is better.

  1. Hit the Target

Unlike TV or radio adverts, billboards can’t be switched off. This means constant exposure (24/7) to a guaranteed mass audience.  Contrary to what you might have thought, billboards are one of the fastest and most cost-effective solutions when it comes to mass media.

On average, a customer has to view something 10 times before they actually decide to take action on a product or service offered to them. Choosing a hot spot for your billboard placement provides a unique opportunity to hit a particular type of audience with your message, time and time again. Whether it’s local commuters, hungry shoppers, or sport fanatics – you can craft your message to your target customer – in the right place, at the right time!

For our billboard placement, we chose a popular shopping mall in a busy city spot.

  1. Size Does Matter

Size is quite literally a huge advantage! While magazine or social media ads can run the risk of being lost in a sea of competition from other business’ ads or engaging content, billboards offer a large, bright space for eye-catching graphics and key messages. This provides an opportunity to leave a lasting impression – putting your brand front of mind.

We’ve found billboards to be an effective way of reinforcing promotional efforts and strengthening our strategic marketing.

Discover more about multi-channel marketing and how it can work for your business, today!

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