Introducing The Studiowide Academy

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our Studiowide Academy; developed to help up-skill businesses to the highest possible standards in Marketing. 

Companies who have recognised a skills-gap in their organisation, or would just like to learn hands-on digital marketing from experts who do it day-in, day-out, can now enrol in the Studiowide Academy.

Our programme consists of hands-on training, online learning, marketing toolkits, workshops, coaching, Q&A sessions, and tutorials. All designed to arm our clients with the know-how to increase their digital presence and create a demand for their products & services.

Successful businesses recognise the need to have their own internal marketing capability. Those who have invested in this area are making strides above and beyond their competitors. Those who haven’t are getting left behind.

Even when companies embrace digital marketing, there are some varying degrees of knowledge and often a very noticeable gap in certain areas of skills. For example, one company may not have a marketing coordinator while another may have their own internal marketing department; however, their focus may be on traditional PR, print and advertising with little to no activity or background in search-based content marketing.

Either of these scenarios makes the sustainability element of any new marketing programme extremely hard. Therefore, when the budget stops, the momentum drops. Unfortunately, this has been one of the most disappointing merry-go-rounds that I’m hearing about, on a regular basis.

SEO, AdWords, tracking, monitoring, measuring and analysis can be quite technical at times whilst digital marketing, in general, is constantly changing – even the hardiest of marketers struggle to keep up with best practice.

This is why, as a full-service marketing agency, we strive to impart a certain level of background knowledge contained within the deliverability of all our projects – it has and will always be an integral part of the client/agency relationship here at Studiowide.

A training session that provides a background on SEO, with an insight into the role of content marketing, has been proven to help inhouse marketing coordinators to better direct their chosen agency. It also means they gain a wider knowledge of their field, and stay more engaged and motivated – win-win!

While we do love sharing our marketing wisdom, we’re not doing this just to show-off; launching the Studiowide Academy will help our clients to fill any knowledge gaps and also to be a part of their own campaigns. Bringing this skill to our clients, along with the tools they need, ultimately helps us to generate a greater impact with our marketing activity, along with real sustainability.

This is why the training & coaching that we provide through the Studiowide Academy will be centred on pre-determined marketing projects that not only up-skill, but also provide a measurable result for the company.

It is the beginning of an exciting chapter for our company, we’re looking forward to welcoming our first cohort and building marketing excellence, together with our clients.

Carl Da-Costa-Greaves
Chartered Marketer @ the Studiowide Academy