The other week something unusual happened… our video production team were sent to bed early… off they went, even whilst it was still light outside! No, they weren’t being punished (without any supper) this was all in preparation for a 4:30 AM trip to Coventry. 

Our project for the day was site filming at AGCO. AGCO Corporation is a major global agricultural equipment manufacturer. The company produces a full line of tractors, combine harvesters, sprayers, forage and tillage equipment, which are distributed through over 3,000 independent dealers in more than 140 countries worldwide.

We were commissioned to film the AGCO Sales & Marketing meetings so that the footage could be used as part of an internal training workshop, video compilations. The event took take place over the 1 day: starting at 10 AM and finishing at 5 PM, we were required to capture the entire event, so this meant we would have to take a whole lot of storage with us! And a whole load of batteries to make sure we made it through the day.

When we arrive at a project of this nature, one of the first things we do is to scope out the location. This gives an idea of where to place the cameras and assess where the speakers and attendees would be sat. The next job is to unpack everything and set-up. We estimated we’d need 3 cameras for the day to cover the activity from all angles, keeping the shots varied in order to maintain the viewer’s engagement. Two of the cameras would be static, one set-up with a wide-shot, capturing the whole event and the other to capture the faces and expressions of agreement from the attendees.

It was a key requirement to show the reactions on the attendee’s faces – this was to demonstrate ‘understanding’ as they processed the information, with regards to how they could improve the way in which the AGCO business is managed. The third camera was mobile and could be moved around to capture the key areas of importance throughout the day. In addition to the main action, we also captured presenter and trainer audio. For the audio we used two Tascam field recorders, both with Lav microphones to get the rich sound we would need.

The final audio would then need to be synchronised with the video footage during the editing process. The trusty clapperboard ‘clap’ between each key section is vital for doing the postproduction audio. (Yes, clapperboards actually have a use!)

In total, we captured a massive 101GB of footage, all of which was to be edited down into a number of promotional videos, each lasting no longer than a few minutes.

We also provided an overview ‘highlights’ of the day video so viewers could get an idea of the whole Sales & Marketing process – the final video had to show the key steps from the day, so it was important we made a note during the day of the running order and the importance of each step. Overall, the video was a huge success and the client is very happy with the end result. Another job well done, now it’s off to bed for some catch-up sleep!

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