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RS Eco World are a manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly cleaning products targeting a variety of sectors including retail, maritime and hospitality.

With the uncertainty that surrounded hygiene and increased importance of mitigating the spread of disease during the COVID-19 epidemic, they developed a range of sanitising products to protect businesses and consumers from deadly viruses and bacteria.

RS Eco World reached out to us to help grow all aspects of the business, specifically focusing on creating a quality communication strategy tailored to their target audiences. In doing so, this would help establish them as a recognisable brand.

As with any new start-up, RS Eco World needed to build brand awareness and drive attention to their portfolio of innovative cleaning products – in particular, a new sanitising machine that could rid trolleys and baskets of germs and bacteria in just 3 seconds.

A major challenge was building a brand within an already saturated eco-cleaning market.

Due to low product awareness surrounding this new machine, we identified that this would not be something a potential customer would be actively searching for. Therefore, this campaign would require significant outbound marketing to promote awareness of this unique product.

The impact that COVID-19 had on the world meant that the importance of hygiene and cleanliness was magnified. This brought about new emerging technologies and sanitising solutions – and the ones early to the market capitalised on this wave of demand.

RS Eco World’s sanitising machine had been released at the back end of the COVID-19 timeline, and there were worries that the product may have been late to the market.


We needed our communications to stand out from the crowd to cut through the noise of decision-makers’ in-trays that were most likely overwhelmed with similar propositions.

After discussions with the RS ECO World team…

We decided to prioritise their new trolley and basket sanitising machine for the retail industry – specifically supermarket and facility management decision-makers. We began undertaking the task of profiling these decision-makers to identify who would have the purchasing power to bring this machine into their physical stores.

We first created landing pages outlining what the product is, what it can do, and all the benefits associated with using it. Our photography and video team went on-site to capture footage of the machine in-situ to create a professional promo video.

We then composed a series of 4 emails as part of a short nurture sequence of communications. These emails were highly personalised to the sender and addressed their likely pain points, our solution, and the benefits that it would bring them.

Over the course of 4 emails, we were able to tell a story about the product and send the prospect back to the landing pages created for them to find out more information and to book a call if they were interested in using the machine within their store or clients’ facilities.

In Addition…

In addition to receiving sales outreach emails, these contacts were also fed into a funnel whereby they received ambient bi-monthly newsletter emails containing information on current affairs and new product developments.

Across the email ecosystem…

We scored leads based on their behaviour when opening and clicking emails to identify which contacts had been nurtured most effectively.

We conducted a thorough and detailed task of finding this contact information and the LinkedIn profiles of these prospects to build our ‘lead bucket’.

We also conducted a LinkedIn outreach strategy by gathering LinkedIn profiles for these prospects . We created a highly professional LinkedIn profile for a key contact at RS Eco World and connected with the target profiles on LinkedIn to initiate conversations that would qualify their interest.

In an effort to improve website engagement…

We also designed and installed a personalised chatbot, which provides virtual support to any website visitor navigating the website to find their required solution. By prompting them to provide contact information, we were able to grow our email list and include these contacts in our ambient email communications.


We also utilised social media to build brand awareness. Our graphic design team created highly visual and engaging posts to ‘stop the scroll’ on social feeds. By implementing advanced strategies to increase social media engagement and followers, we were able to put our social media posts in front of the right people at the right time.

In Conclusion…

As a consequence of our email outreach strategy, we received a great level of responses from people wanting to learn more about the product and requesting a call with a member of RS Eco World’s sales team.

The email open (23%) and click rates (11%) were above industry average, which indicated that the emails were being delivered effectively into primary inboxes and were compelling enough to open due to being highly personalised.

Likewise, we received an impressive amount of opportunities via our LinkedIn outreach. We generated over 600 highly-targeted LinkedIn connections for the client.

We implemented an effective strategy of inviting all new connections to like the LinkedIn page, and subsequently grew the following of the RS Eco World company page significantly month-on-month.


Our social media activity saw great engagement in terms of reach, likes, comments and shares. This was partly due to a solid engagement strategy amongst other relevant accounts, in addition to publishing frequent and compelling content to maintain a strong digital presence.