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Tesso is a temporary employment staffing solution organisation providing healthcare staffing solutions to care homes and employment opportunities to care professionals via an innovative and secure online platform.

The Tesso platform allows care homes to find the right staff at the right time, quickly and efficiently. This eliminates unnecessary costs and wastage of resources whilst ensuring optimum care, safety, and productivity.

Care professionals are able to manage their own work and shift patterns with ease via Tesso’s desktop or mobile app.

Tesso is an advocate of continuous improvement in all areas and we are working with them to investigate the required actions to be recognised as a company that can deliver to an increasingly innovative and diverse marketplace.

The most important requirement for Tesso’s prospective customers (Care Homes) was to find the right care professionals. The demand for qualified care professionals within this sector exceeded the supply.

Tesso already had an in-house team conducting marketing activities to drive traffic to the website via social media, Google Ads, and referrals. However, they requested the marketing support of an external delivery team to assist with this task since the traffic numbers they were generating were not enough to keep up with their business goals.

The other huge challenge was that many candidates who would register with Tesso would not go on to complete the application process. Only 50% of people who registered were completing the process and becoming ‘Tesso Approved’ employees.

Tesso did not have any email sequences at the registration stage or nurture stage to move these registered but incomplete prospects along. Instead, their team were calling candidates to get updates but this was proving to be an inefficient way of converting prospects.

Due to this mixed marketing message combining digital tactics with traditional tactics, they likely turned prospects off psychologically giving them a reason not to use the platform, as they knew they were going to be chased up via a phone call.


Tesso found that their existing marketing was attracting some applicants, however, not at the scale or relevancy they had anticipated. They were generating enquiries from prospects outside of their target location via online advertising and consequently wasting a significant amount of money.

The first step with any full-service marketing programme is strategy.

The task was to assist in strategically prioritising the most effective route to Tesso’s targeted business growth. Firstly, we needed to clearly demonstrate the specific benefits of working with Tesso to prospective customers.

During a SOSTAC workshop, we were made aware of the benefits Tesso provides to care professionals. We then created a persona profile of the ‘ideal customer’ – detailing their job title, responsibility, geographical location, problems, motivations and needs.

Before we sent any new traffic to the website, we created a series of new landing pages which emphasised all the benefits of working for Tesso. We created highly professional landing pages in accordance with the brand guidelines alongside clear and engaging call-to-action buttons to encourage visitors to register with Tesso.

We then began setting up a fully automated email and SMS sequence for candidates who successfully applied and registered as a candidate, as well as a separate sequence for potential candidates who initially registered but never completed the application.

Successfully registered candidates received a confirmation email that their application was being processed by the Tesso team.

Potential candidates (registered but not yet completed the application) received a series of short reminder SMS messages and emails, and HTML educational newsletter emails that detailed and explained all the benefits they would get by being ‘Tesso Approved’.

The emails included case studies, profiles/commentary of workers who say how easy it is to do the application through Tesso, referral programmes, and finally why Tesso is different – showcasing some of the key unique selling points.

In Addition…

We created and sent emails encouraging all customers to leave positive reviews and feedback via Tesso’s Google Business Profile. On the back of this, they received an influx of reviews that helped create a positive effect on potential customers when researching the business and increase their visibility and legitimacy within the search results.

To help drive traffic numbers up, we also ran both Meta Ads and Google Ads for Tesso.

By assigning an additional investment to Facebook and Instagram Ads to get in front of a wider audience, we helped drive additional targeted traffic to the landing page to generate registrations. We created engaging video and image ads designed to capture prospective customers’ attention on social media to encourage them to click the ads to find out more. We undertook split-testing in order to optimise the ads further.

In order to best get results from the Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign, we created an advanced lookalike audience based on Tesso’s existing customer list and a website remarketing audience to help re-engage lapsed visitors.

We also created a Google Ads campaign to reach a wider audience on Google Search for some key terms that a prospective Tesso customer would be searching for, e.g “care home jobs”, “care work near me” etc. Due to our expertise in paid ads, we were able to make sure the campaign ran as efficiently as possible within the available budget to maximise ROI and reduce wasted ad spend.

We also utilised organic social media such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to ensure that regular social media content was created and delivered with the correct brand guidelines. This was to help build a loyal audience and to drive additional traffic to the website.

We suggested telling the Tesso story in video, a format that typically performs better than any other on social media and emphasises the human side of care work. We filmed footage at a partner care home in Liverpool which illustrated the benefits of Tesso through the eyes of care workers. This worked really well – the video resonated with care homes and care staff alike.

Upon building the new landing page and email sequences, Tesso saw a substantial increase in the volume of pending candidates becoming active candidates.

The long nurture emails and SMS messages had impressive clickthrough and open rates and received a fantastic response rate which we passed on to the customer service team to follow up with.

Furthermore, the Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns helped dramatically increase the traffic to the site and, subsequently, new registrations.

The cost per click of the Facebook Ad campaign was just £0.29, which was a fantastic result in this ad category. This was the culmination of optimising and split-testing ads to maximise their ROI.

The social media campaign helped increase page likes and post engagements, which helped legitimise Tesso’s service. Creating professional posts and videos established Tesso as a professional-looking brand, worthy of people’s attention.

By optimising Tesso’s local SEO and building citations via their Google Business Profile, we strengthened their search visibility.


Tesso’s customer service team saw a significant increase in customer enquiries as well as new candidates on the back of our full-service campaign, which resulted in a highly satisfied client.