What if you could develop a content marketing programme that is aligned with your corporate values and vision, provides a solid foundation for content marketing, and supports your corporate marketing strategy, product marketing plans, and marketing communications plan?

Studiowide make this simple in our proven step-by-step approach.

Content marketing is the foundation of a great online marketing strategy, so you need the best tools to create your content marketing plan.

What is content marketing and why is it so important?

Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of content to engage both current and potential customers.

Delivering high quality, valuable information to consumers improves brand loyalty and keeps their attention on you, as well as showing your expertise in your field.

Our Content Marketing Framework will equip you with the tools to increase direct sales, introduce specific brand language, increase lead generation and improve customer retention.

This Content Marketing Framework will help you:

  • Plan your content marketing programme by identifying objectives, buyer personas and buying stages
  • Manage your content marketing programme by building content and organising distribution channels
  • Measure the results of your programme and foster an environment of continuous improvement

Studiowide has the tools and expertise to help you to build an effective content marketing programme. We can provide hands-on technical & marketing assistance to help achieve your content marketing goals, create or audit your content marketing plans, and assist with using any of the tools referenced in this framework.

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Our Six Step Content Marketing Framework:

Identify Objectives
Understand Buyers
Identify Gaps
Build Content
Organise Distribution
Measure Your Programme