Wall art is very much in vogue at the moment and we were recently awarded the exciting task of designing a 21-metre wall print for the Morrisons Manufacturing Centre of Excellence.

The learning centre is a brand new facility located in Deeside, which will be used as a hub of excellence to deliver the Morrisons Manufacturing Lean Programme.

Studiowide were asked to provide graphic design services on this extra-long wall print, which would cover most of one side of the interior walls from floor to ceiling.

The brief was to illustrate a timeline that would show the progression of Morrisons retail stores from 1899 to present day, whilst also documenting the history of the manufacturing division, from 1942 to present day.


As always the deadline was a tight one with this project, however, we are always up for a challenge, particularly when we’re given a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate to our blue chip clients, not only our creative ability but also our capacity to handle intricate projects where the needs of many stakeholders need to be accounted for.

Creativity without strategy is called art,
creativity with strategy is called marketing.


Our first task was to visit the site and measure up the exact dimensions and location of each of the wall sections. When we arrived the centre was in the final phase of its build; even with this raw glimpse into what this would become, we could see the facility would be a great environment, purpose-built for learning.

Even though the finished sizes we were dealing with were extraordinary in length, the briefing and design process remained the same. We liaised with the programme manager and Morrisons brand team to ensure the content was correct and all of our designs were on-topic, to brief and on-brand.


Collaborating with a number of decision makers on design projects is always challenging. The design process reaches a point whereby feedback becomes subjective and a hence a design can run the risk of ‘going around in circles’.

As an experienced design agency we are comfortable in steering the right decision-making – all the way up to board level, in order to achieve the best outcome. Thankfully on this occasion the design spoke for itself and we reached the sign-off stage pretty quickly.

The finished wall print design was then handed over to the printer who was tasked with printing and installing the new wall art at the location; ready to be displayed to the new programme delegates the following week.