Studiowide filmed recently at Brewing giants Heineken. Our video production services were commissioned to film and edit best practice training videos at the Heineken, Strongbow factory in Hereford.

The company who have been manufacturing Strongbow cider from their Bulmer’s plant in Hereford since the 1960’s are undertaking a global programme of Continuous Improvement across all of their manufacturing facilities.

The purpose of the videos was to provide support to classroom training sessions to show good and bad practice across the workplace. In particular, the company wanted to demonstrate how best to conduct a factory audit.

Our aim was to capture examples of a good factory audit and a bad factory audit that could be used to define procedures in order for factory auditing to be consistent throughout the company.


The objective of the training videos was to capture different scenarios depicting a number of audit situations that can occur within the manufacturing plant. This involved filming in different locations throughout the factory such as the bottling facility and training rooms.

Before we start on any video production project we hold discussions with the client to define key deliverables that we need to achieve. We typically storyboard the video in 3 phases, rough (high-level), draft and final. If a script is available then we also include this into the storyboard as early as possible.

When working in this type of environment we must abide by the local health and safety regulations that exist in that particular manufacturing site. This not only includes the usual personal protective equipment such as hard hats (or hard hat caps in this case!), safety boots and high visibility vests but also respecting the environment that we will be working in, in a responsible and professional way. We have experience of filming in a wide variety of environments – this is one of the reasons Studiowide was selected for this project!

The challenge with this series of training videos was to capture the responses of the employees and record their reactions to auditors – whilst they were being audited – both in a good and then in a deliberately bad way.

It’s easier and takes less time to watch a well-made video than it does to read through pages of dense text or complicated diagrams to grasp a concept.


This meant that the type of filming we needed to prepare for was live event filming. The acting by the auditors was improvised, the discussions were led by the auditors who then fed off the responses from the employees.

Because of the fluidity of format we had to prepare for every eventuality. Which meant – take every piece of kit, including the kitchen sink, just in case we need it.

We shot for one day at the Hereford site and ended up only using 2 cameras with minimal lighting. The biggest challenge was capturing the audit discussions that were taking place whilst next to the bottling machinery. We overcome this with micro-headset microphones that captured individual audio whilst reducing background noise.

After the successful day of filming, we returned to the studio and spent the next week editing, colour correcting and cutting the video into chapters. The video was then formatted to DVD and mp4 before being signed off by the client.


Heineken was extremely happy with these videos and have since used them across all of their factories worldwide. We received fantastic feedback and are now looking forward to our next project with the brewing giant.

If you want to discuss how our video production services, including factory filming, can benefit you, then please get in touch – we’d be more than glad to help!