Website Design & Development

TX Tyres are a Liverpool based taxi tyre manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the industry. The company is headed up by Engineer Steve Callow, a respected representative of the Taxi tyre manufacturing industry. Steve’s relentless drive for integrity stems from TX heritage as a Callow family business, and a devotion to upholding its traditional values.

We were asked by TX Tyres to create a modern, updated brand identity that was a true reflection of their business today. In addition, the company required a complete online presence – including brochure website – that could be used as a hub for all future marketing activities. We provided a fully featured WordPress website, including using product category functionality for product listings. As part of our brief, we were also tasked with promotional activities to not only drive traffic to the website, but also to ensure that visitors who arrived on each page could find the information they required, and understand the next steps to either purchase a TX tyre or to become a distributor for the company.

Website Development, landing pages, HTML5, CSS3, light scripting - 100%
Design and branding - 100%
Copywriting, proofing, content creation - 100%