Advertising Campaign for Cryotherapy | Studiowide

One of our latest advertising campaigns is due to be launched in the executive and professional sports magazine: AtTheMatch. The publication runs cutting-edge features, articles and interviews across a wide range of topics, from within the business and sporting sectors.

CryoClinics, who are based out of BMI The Garden Hospital in London, came to us with a requirement to produce an integrated advertising campaign. The aim of which was to promote Whole Body Cryotherapy, in particular, the companies Cryotherapy chambers.

The campaign is to be published in the quarterly magazine: AtTheMatch and is to run over 4 editions. Furthermore, the promotion is to be supported with relevant website landing pages and accompanying literature inserts.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is the exposure of the entire body to extreme cold, usually between -80 to -120 degrees Celsius. The treatment stimulates the body’s natural response to decrease inflammation, pain, spasms and consequently promotes faster healing. The company has featured recently on national TV and the treatment is favoured by major football and Rugby clubs in the UK.

Following a strategic review with CryoClinics, we set about producing the overall design and communication message for the campaign. The target market for the magazine is passionate professionals and executives involved in the sporting world.

The campaign is supported by A5 inserts which would also be part of the magazine; this allowed our creative team to get quite abstract with the communication. We decided on a simple but impactful image with the message; Relight Your Fire.

The magazine advertisement campaign is linked to the website landing page with a QR code. The landing page holds the details of the services which CryoClinics are promoting, along with a call to action; to contact for a free consultation and trial.

Studiowide provided strategic marketing advice to CryoClinics on this project. Our in-house marketing, graphics and web development teams worked in unison to deliver an effective campaign, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our client.

“I would like to extend my thanks to Studiowide for their work recently. CryoClinics offers a unique service, but this did not deter the team at Studiowide – they probed with numerous questions and in my opinion, grasped what it is I offer and how it can benefit people very quickly. With this knowledge, they were able to provide me with some great ideas and developed a campaign to grasp people’s attention and ensure they acted upon it. I will definitely be using Studiowide again and would not hesitate in recommending them.”

Iain Casey – Managing Director CryoClinics Ltd.