Motion Graphics Video For Financial Industry

MarketsPulse approached Studiowide after viewing our previous work online. The initial request was for a kinetic typography style video with a mix of hand-drawn animation and motion graphics.

The company provides online trading platforms to the global financial markets. As a platinum sponsor to the IFEXPO show in Cyprus, MarketsPulse required a corporate motion graphics video for the financial industry, which would make them stand out from the competition and be memorable.

Following our initial SKYPE project briefing, it was decided to focus on the Kinetic Typography and Motion Graphics style, mainly due to the high-level professional look and feel that was required. Our aim was to produce a video that would grab and hold the viewer’s attention, whilst telling the story of MarketsPulse and what makes them unique. The key was to do this in an engaging and professional way, but also with a light-hearted tone.

We started work on the initial script once we had received the key points that we needed to communicate in the video. (It is hard for clients to know exactly how much content can fit into a 1-2 minute video. Therefore we normally request a high-level bullet-point list of key content. Once we have this we can then proceed to pull out the core bits of info and begin to bring it to life.)

The main creative idea that we presented to MarketsPulse was to focus on the word ‘Pulse’ in the company name. The ‘Pulse’ will define the customer journey. The Pulse will begin its journey running through the logo, in a basic form, morphing into various graphics and text, or at the very least be visible in some form in each scene, before continuing on its journey. The purpose of this is to highlight each of the customer touch points throughout the video.

We begin the customer journey at the heart of MarketsPulse, the company, and end with an introduction to the MarketsPulse products. The information was organised to focus on the introduction of MarketsPulse as a company, then we move into the key points that define MarketsPulse as a brand, ie, customer service/focus/support/company operating in the most regulated of markets. All communications at this point were relevant to the company as a brand.

From this we introduce the 2 main products in the MarketsPulse portfolio. This format paves the way for a potential second part of the video, which will go into more detail regarding the features and benefits of each product offer. The path of the pulse maps the outline of different assets that will relate to the key points. For example; ‘mobile and web trading allows for trading all the time, everywhere’ the pulse will outline a mobile phone and a tablet. There will be a combination of ‘pulse drawn’ assets and standard graphical assets.

We presented our idea to the MarketsPulse senior management team based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and they loved it! We then started the project, which was handled from start to finish using SKYPE.

The motion graphics video project was commissioned quite quickly due to the pending deadline of the upcoming exhibition. Our target turnaround time was a little over 2 weeks, however, we completed the project a few days early, which was a nice surprise for our client.

MarketsPulse are extremely pleased with the result, as are we. The company now has a video presence at the upcoming show that they can be proud of and have also placed their new video on the homepage of their website.

“Studiowide was excellent to work with on developing a corporate video about our company. They understood that we were on a very strict timeline for our project and helped us to develop a plan that would meet our timeline and other constraints. They brought many creative ideas to the table we hadn’t considered and also were very flexible in making changes that we requested. Overall they were a great team to work with and we have received many compliments on the video Studiowide developed for us.”

Leslie Martell, Marketing Manager, MarketsPulse.


Corporate video produced by Studiowide for Markets Pulse