Based in Crosby, Liverpool; our client, MD Beckett Financial Services, offer comprehensive, independent advice across a range of financial fields.

Having already delivered a successful Contact Strategy for MD Beckett Financial Services, their Managing Director, Mark Beckett, recently re-approached us with an exciting Full Service Marketing project – involving the expansion of MD Beckett Financial Services into new markets.

With over 20 years’ experience within the Financial industry, the company has gained a deep understanding of Global Investment Markets and client needs, including experience within the city of London.

We researched a number of geographic markets, including London, and it was agreed that Studiowide would establish the company into these markets, by providing all of the necessary full-service marketing support required to succeed.


MD Beckett Financial Services are a traditional company operating in the professional services sector. Our objective was to deliver a growth strategy which would successfully position MD Beckett Financial Services as the ‘go-to’ mortgage advisor, within a highly competitive market.

A key challenge for our client in Liverpool, was gaining a payback that equated to the level and value of labour inputted by their finance team. London offered potential for higher profitability, as well as a much larger pool of target customers – a significant motive for this endeavour.

The MD Beckett Financial Services brand currently provides a wide-ranging financial offer. Mortgages are part of this offer but do not currently feature in any promotional plans. This is very much reflected in MD Beckett’s online presence, including web-content. Overall, MD Beckett provide a full range of Financial Services, targeting their local market – subsequently, it would prove to be quite a challenge to effectively extend this offer to focus on specific services, in other geographic markets.

Having already established a great working relationship with MD Beckett Financial Services from past projects, with proven success, automatically gave us a head-start in the client’s selection process – however, as our solution was assessed against other marketing companies, we needed to be certain that we could devise and deliver on a strategy that would go above and beyond our competitors’ offer.

People may forget what you say, people may forget what you did, but people never forget how you made them feel.


Our solution involved the creation of a new identity separate from the MD Beckett brand, along with the digitisation of the client’s mortgage process. This allowed us to establish the mortgage service offer as its own division – a dedicated brand with its sole function as a Digital Online Mortgage Broker, positioned to attract typically higher-value mortgage applications in London.

With this in mind, the Bishopgate Mortgages brand was created. The brand name ‘Bishopgate Mortgages Ltd’ was already owned by the client but had remained unused – we decided this was the perfect opportunity to launch the brand name ‘Bishopgate’; a name that would resonate well with the target market, due to its familiar links with London roots.

Once the brand name was decided, we then embarked on the design and development of three primary areas, as part of our full service marketing solution:-

• Brand Identity – including stationery pack
• Microwebsite – design, build and content management system
• Website promotion – employing Google Adwords

The implementation of a new identity began with a fresh Logo design. This fuelled the design of all accompanying stationary and style guides, including; email signatures, printed & digital letterheads, and compliment slips.

A key part of this project was the design and development of an entirely new, fully functional, mobile optimised website. This would help to administer the offer and act as a hub to enable us to successfully reach the target market.

Visitors to the website are met with a basic quote calculator providing instant feedback. Potential customers are offered a fixed quote using a simple algorithm, triggered by the basic criteria of; mortgage type; property value and deposit available.

This interactivity and instant feedback provides the user with exactly the right type of information they require to captivate and draw them into other areas of the microwebsite, and hopefully onwards to make the formal application for services.

In order to effectively launch the Bishopgate Mortgages website into its London markets, and to reach the intended target customer, we incorporated various online tools and keyword research to help promote the new website and boost brand awareness.

One of the key resources we used for this was Google AdWords. This was supported with Google Remarketing to help identify new customers in the relevant target area, searching specifically for a low-cost mortgage broker service. Incorporating cookies to the new microwebsite allows us to keep track of customer activity, and reinforce our marketing message.


As a result of this full service marketing project, our client now has a completely new, online mortgage broker brand that can be quickly and easily replicated in many more geographical markets.

A new microsite and web-promotion campaign will position Bishopgate Mortgages as a strong online brand – reaching out in a way that is focused and highly effective in engaging with a new target market.