Heineken are the number one brewers in Europe and one of the largest brewers by volume in the world. The company has been undertaking a Total Productive Maintenance Programme (TPM) which started in 2003.

Training is a key part of the programme and consists of training modules for operators and engineers, tailored to their own situation. Studiowide provided a series of whiteboard animation videos as part of a Unified Problem-Solving methodology.

We have worked with Heineken in The Netherlands on a previous project involving training videos for their Daily Control System. Due to this ongoing relationship, we were asked to convert PowerPoint slide decks and associated documents into 6 interactive videos. Each video also required testing and feedback points to keep the learner engaged.

The current learning materials were in a format that wasn’t really suitable for the delivery intent. The Heineken team requested us to create 6 whiteboard animated videos in Dutch language to replace the current content.

Working on scribed videos in multiple language formats can be slightly tricky depending on the language. The content production schedule and storyboarding require extra planning and attention to layout and design formats, in order to accommodate the language differences.

Another aspect of this project was that our client requested some sort of feedback/quiz evaluation built into the learning information, in order to check the understanding of the learner as the progressed through the topics.

We proposed interactive whiteboard animation videos as a solution. Whiteboard animation is a video style that shows the viewer images being drawn on the screen, accompanied by a narration that walks the audience through the story.

These creative whiteboard animations are an innovative and engaging way to get the message across. People watching this type of video format will retain what’s being shown to them more clearly and for a longer period of time.

Over the last few years, we have made a number of significant product developments to our whiteboard animation format. We are now able to build interactivity right inside the video player. This creative way of bringing presentations to life was a great way to address the dreaded “death by PowerPoint”. We have all been subjected to presentations at some point which are full of text, hard to read and almost impossible to understand.

Interactive whiteboard animated videos proved to be a great way to combine creativity and narration into 6 easy to view videos that could not only engage viewers but challenge them with fixed question points along the way.

Whiteboard Animation

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Studiowide provided a series of whiteboard animation videos as part of an internal communications programme at Heineken