Sharing in Growth was established in 2013 to deliver a £250M programme of intensive business transformation to the UK aerospace supply chain. The company, who have significant partnerships with all of the prime organisations within Aerospace, previously aimed their Marketing communications at addressing the needs of these various stakeholders, whilst also raising the profile of the brand within the Aerospace sector. 

The organisation was at a point in its maturity that necessitated a move into new markets. In addition, there was a requirement to build a sales pipeline of companies who may also be interested in utilising their services. 

Studiowide has worked with Sharing in Growth for the past six years on various projects, supporting the company with creative services to assist them in the delivery of their programmes. Following a successful pitch, we were excited to be awarded a full-service marketing contract. The remit was to provide strategic marketing services and a go-to-market strategy, along with the implementation of that strategy.

The company serves to address the needs of its many stakeholders including government departments, aerospace primes, industry partners, and the programme beneficiaries. Sharing in Growth spread their previous communications across all of these stakeholder groups, but there was now an immediate requirement to reach out to potential other companies into the broader aerospace supply chain.

The first step with any of our full-service marketing programmes begins with the strategy. Following a number of fact-finding conversations with the senior management team at Sharing in Growth, we agreed to implement a lead generation and lead nurturing system that would automatically communicate the right content to the right people, at precisely the right time. 

We began this process by defining the ideal target market using advanced customer segmentation methods. This then allowed us to drill down into specific customer profiles and create customer personas in order to understand more about the buyer, in particular; the problems they face, the things that motivate them, and what contributes to their purchase decisions.  Once we had a clear picture for each customer persona, we looked closely at their customer journey. 

We started with the buying process stages. By analysing each stage of the journey; Discovery, Consideration, and Decision, along with the suitable actions required to nurture that person through the sales funnel, we were able to identify the specific types of content that were needed at each stage.

We created a highly optimised lead process ecosystem which captured information from potentially interested customers and then, by utilising a lead generation contact strategy, nurtured those contacts through their respective buying stages. We also employed a listening strategy which tracked how customers engaged with the content that was communicated to them via email and social media. The recipients who met a minimum criteria of activity were categorised as a potential lead and moved across to the customer relationship team. 

As part of our full-service marketing offer, we were able to diagnose the areas of support that would provide the biggest return on investment, and then implement a system which automatically nurtured potential customers along the initial stages of their customer journey. We utilised the following activities; Search Engine Optimisation; Content creation;  Website support;  Graphic design and Video production, all of which were underpinned by our strategy.

Marketing Strategy

Content Creation

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