MEB Total undertake the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of all building service elements, backed by a comprehensive facilities management service in Stoke-On-Trent.  With a wealth of experience and a proven satisfied client base in contracts for both public and private sectors, they are committed to maintaining the highest standard of service delivery and workmanship.

A new arm of their offering was renewable energy installation including solar PV, battery storage systems, Tesla Powerwalls and air/ground source heat pumps. This part of their business was something they wanted to prioritise to shout about due to the increasing pressure on businesses to be more eco-conscious in addition to the rising energy bills the UK population had been experiencing.

Their main customers include B2B local authorities, schools, universities, and hospitals in addition to some B2C residential customers.

MEB Total had been operating without any marketing department for the last 10 years and consequently had no brand guidelines, an outdated website and no standard operating procedure for lead generation.

Most of their work had been previously won by submitting proposals via public portals and winning contracts based on reputation. On the renewables side, they had 7-8 contacts come through every 6 months. Prior to that, they had been doing a lot of slow jobs through various new and old customers who have come from referrals.

When prospects submit proposal documents chasing after a tender, they will always investigate MEB Total to see how good they are and it’s a subliminal indication. Therefore, there was a big reason to shore up the defence to make sure when the proposals go through the website and branding looked strong.

We had a blank canvas to start rebuilding the logo and brand identity of MEB Total and MEB Total Renewable Energy.

We also saw an opportunity to build a brand new website for MEB Total and a microsite for MEB Total Renewable Energy as it would be pointless driving potential customers to the existing site and branding.

The microsite for the renewable energy services would act as a lead magnet which has hyperfocused content on their renewable services. We saw an opportunity to include an SEO-rich keyword into the domain name to help MEB Total capture more traffic and consequently more customers.

The rationale behind splitting these websites up into 2 was that it would ensure higher relevance within each market; their bread and butter mechanical, electrical and building market and their renewable energy market where they were looking to double down on their efforts.

On these 2 websites, we ensured the content explained the features, advantages and benefits of dealing with MEB Total Renewable Energy. Whilst doing this we conducted keyword research and ensure all title tags, and meta descriptions were fully optimised and followed best practice SEO.

To supplement these websites, we created case study content to convey what they do and the benefits to prospective customers.

As part of the new website builds we set up integrated contact forms, booking calendars and autoresponder emails which were activated when prospects enquired via the contact form. We designed an HTML autoresponder email and a follow-up email 7 days after to ensure all incoming enquiries had been dealt with.

We also felt it was important to have a lead generation ecosystem in place once the new websites went live which would help drive people to the websites.

In an effort to get more business on the back of this, we created a series of email communications that were sent to existing customers, previous customers, and inactive customers. The rationale here was to emphasise how MEB Total can help with the rise in energy prices with their new renewable energy products to capture the low-hanging fruit of turning these groups of people who are familiar with MEB Total into recurring customers.

Great feedback had been returned from the MEB Total team and customers on the back of the new websites. Key feedback was that it was clean and modern and easy to navigate.

Furthermore, MEB Total saw an influx in enquiries coming through via the slick new contact us form and the book a call calendar feature.

The emails to existing and previous customers generated fantastic engagement, with open and click rates above the industry average. The messaging contained in the emails created hype around the new websites and transformed the outdated MEB Toal into a slick, modern professional business. 

Overall, MEB Total emerged with a brand new look and feels ready to turn a new chapter in their business to capture a wider market thanks to embracing new processes and technology.

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