Project4 Learning Lab is a company who work to enable leaders to deliver outstanding performance through their teams by developing new, sustainable patterns of thinking and behaviour. The company recently launched and Studiowide were asked to create a full suite of branded items, including a digital presence in the form of a brochure website.

The goal of the website was primarily to be used as the first point of contact for anyone who was looking to find out more about the details of their service offer and to also facilitate the process of customer enquiries. In addition to providing information, the website also needed to attract the right users and communicate with them in the right tone of voice, whilst remaining aligned to the professional service sectors that the company now occupied.

As a start-up company, there was very little existing content to work from. Having a blank canvas is sometimes challenging and can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks that companies face when developing their new website. However, the company, who are also part of a larger consultancy group, used this as an opportunity to create their own path.

In addition to content creation, the company also wanted to take the opportunity to create a flagship design that could eventually be rolled out across the group and used as a design anchor. Contained within the design we also had to integrate a knowledge section that could be used to position the company as thought leaders, whilst acting as a magnet to also attract their target market to the website.

We created a fully-featured brochure website built on the popular platform WordPress. The design and functionality were tailored to the exact needs of the company. We employed the use of unique page layouts, designed to steer the user through their journey. This included a newsfeed-style case study page, which enables site visitors to find information relevant to their sector. We also built-in a simple news/blog section and editor which enabled the company to add up-to-date industry insights themselves.

We introduced different tones and shades to the brand colours to bring contrast to the site. In addition to sourcing imagery and styling it to match Project4’s branding, we also created a promotional video that conveyed key information in a dynamic and friendly way. These styled images and videos play a big part in helping to break up heavy text content and provide an engaging way to absorb the information.

Combining form and function, we created a stylish website that conveyed important information about the company in an engaging and accessible way, whilst allowing Project4 Learning Lab to give clients and potential clients access to the latest news and insights. We made it easy for the company themselves to edit most of the pages on the site, making it quicker for them to make changes and reducing future web development costs.

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This is truly amazing! You guys know your stuff, I am beyond words!

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