Chilli Alchemist are a food company dedicated to producing a range of high quality, mouth-watering, handmade chilli products. Each of their signature potions have been carefully crafted to fuse the versatile chilli with flavours and ingredients that ignite the taste buds.

We have worked for a number of food manufacturers over the years, building up a reputation for producing bespoke, eye-catching branding and food packaging design in this sector.  Chilli Alchemist got in touch with us because they wanted to refresh their packaging design and create a more consistent style across their complete range of products.

One of the challenges for us with this project was creating a packaging design that would stand out in the highly competitive and creative markets of both chilli and chocolate products. The designs needed to look luxurious, whilst also playing on the theme of alchemy.

While the designs needed to incorporate elements of alchemy and reflect the extreme scale of chilli hotness, we needed to avoid using any imagery/symbols which related to death, or looked too spine-chilling, as the products are to be stocked on supermarket shelves.

We opted to create a custom illustration for each design and focused the design of the packaging around the ingredients and the name of the product. To portray the dark alchemy aspect, we decided to go with a dark background for the entire set of products; we felt this also added to the luxurious quality.

To break up the dark, block-coloured background, we created a very subtle pattern utilising the Chilli Alchemist logo, which helped add depth to the designs. We also introduced a different accent colour to each product so they were easily identifiable on the supermarket shelves by colour palette alone.

The client was delighted with the end result. The finished products, as well as being practical and meeting the Food Standards Agency requirements for food packaging, looked stylish, luxurious and unique.

We were able to execute a product range that looked professional, stood out in the chocolate and chilli markets, and most importantly, ticked all of the client’s boxes.


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