Liverpool FC is in the top 10 of highest-earning football clubs in the world and a regular top 3 contender in the Premier League. With LFCTV (Liverpool F.C. TV) as the dedicated official TV channel, it launched on 20 September 2007 and was formerly offered as part of the Setanta Sports package.

The communications department within LFC TV were looking for a local video production studio to fill a gap that they had in their production capacity, due to relocation. The club approached Studiowide for the production of their preseason tour, promotional videos.

Following a local search for suitable companies, the team at LFC put a request into our studio to see if we could assist them. Within a few hours of receiving the initial enquiry, we had the team in our studio planning the details of the campaign. By 2pm in the afternoon we had submitted a 10-second trailer to pitch our ideas.

The team loved our ideas and consequently, we were hired to produce 10 campaign videos to promote the LFC pre-season tour. However, there were 2 major challenges that we had to overcome from the start.

The first challenge was the requirement to work to a very tight schedule. LFC TV channel partners, SKY and Virgin Media were both pushing for content so they could release it to their subscribers.

The second challenge that we were faced with, was the plan to integrate predesigned creative assets into the final videos that we were hired to produce.

We deployed our resources immediately and set to work with the LFC team to determine which of the videos were required now, and which ones could be staggered over the duration of the preseason launch period.

We created a schedule of work that gave us enough time to produce the highly creative content that we pitched to the team, whilst also delivering to the deadlines set by Virgin Media and Sky.

As we begun to work with the predesigned assets, it quickly became apparent that we needed to redesign a few assets to suit the style of the new format. In addition, our strategic review of the messaging and the types of video footage content, we felt that the right messages were not being deployed at the right time.

There were also some opportunities that we capitalised on with regards to leveraging a growing appeal with the LFC Manager Jurgen Klopp. Hence, we requested specific footage of the Manager and weaved that into the videos at exactly the precise moments of impact.

Overall, we produced a series of videos, indents, stings and social media ads for the whole of the Preseason tour. In addition, our final video was looped on the main screens in Liverpool FC shops.

The client was overjoyed with the thorough planning and creative video production experience they received and thanked us sincerely for helping them at such a critical time in their annual schedule.


Motion Graphics

Broadcast TV

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the fantastic team at Studiowide. Thank you so much for all of your hard work at such a demanding time! We are delighted with the campaign!