MSIF provides a wide range of funding to businesses across the North West, predominantly in the Liverpool City Region and surrounding areas. Funding is available from as little as £500 right up to £2 million+ for a variety of business needs including start-ups, expansions, acquisitions and management buy outs/buy ins.

The promotional video was to be played at celebratory formal dinner evening for all of MSIF’s valued customers and business partners. It was commissioned to be a celebration of all the businesses that MSIF have helped in their 25 years.

The biggest challenge with producing this video was the logistics of arranging the filming at the locations of businesses to be interviewed. We had a total of 7 businesses to interview, all spread across the North West.

As the intention of the video was to show how satisfied businesses have been with the service from MSIF, and that they’d recommend working with them, it needed to be natural and in their own words.

Our approach was to sit with the interviewee and simply have a conversation with them about their experiences. We didn’t make a big deal about the cameras being there or the fact that we were recording, we simply had a chat with them and kept everything very relaxed. This meant that everybody involved was very at ease and ensured that the messaging came across naturally and was sincere. Overall, the MSIF were very happy with the video and the celebration evening was a huge success.

Filmed Video

Motion Graphics


It was great to celebrate our birthday with you! Studiowide’s prominence was absolutely appropriate and deserved after the fantastic work you guys did with our video. You guys working together seamlessly and proactively brought about the brilliant end result.  Some would argue miracles were worked!