Vacuum Engineering Services are a specialist company offering leak test solutions worldwide. Formed in 1994 from Leybold Ltd, they offer unrivalled expertise in helium leak testing, having manufactured and sold more than 500 machines. Their experienced personnel use their many years of expertise in designing and manufacturing to provide bespoke vacuum leak detection systems.

The promotional video was intended to be featured as part of a wider marketing programme we were undertaking, with the aim to increase and improve their overall brand identity and awareness.

The main challenge with producing this video was in persuading the target audience that Vacuum Engineering Services should be the company of choice for their leak testing. Customers know when they need leak testing and when they don’t – so the video isn’t to convince the viewer they need helium leak testing, but to show them why they should use Vacuum Engineering Solutions for their leak testing.

While the leak testing process is actually very interesting, it doesn’t come across well on video, and the viewer doesn’t need an in-depth explanation of the process. So what is the main message that we wanted to convey in the video?

Our approach was to sell the benefits of working with Vacuum Engineering Solutions, what makes them unique and how will you benefit from being a customer of theirs. A big benefit of being a VES customer is having access to the staff and their vast expertise. We thought the best way to get this message across was directly from the people that work at Vacuum Engineering Solutions – nobody knows the company better than its staff! We could have featured only Directors and CEOs in the video, but everybody expects them to say good things about their company. Seeing the enthusiasm from the staff at every level for what they do, and the care and attention to detail that goes into every job, was a much better way of showing off the benefits of choosing Vacuum Engineering Services.

Filmed Video

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The team at Studiowide have done a fantastic job producing our promotional video. From initial storyboard, to putting everybody at ease during filming, they really took the time to truly understand our industry and deliver a high-impact video that really represents who we are. Thank you!