Studiowide recently travelled to London to undertake a filming project for Network Rail and Project7 Consultancy.

Project7 Consultancy wanted to raise awareness and understanding of the recent performance improvements that had been undertaken at Network Rail as part of an internal devlopment programme.

We were asked to create a video to communicate these improvements, including interviews with internal staff members about the changes they had seen in the business as a result of the consulting, and to highlight the key areas that were improved by the programme.

The main challenge with this shoot was choosing key people to interview, as we required a broad spectrum of Network Rail employees. We wanted a good cross-section of people, ranging from the very top decision-makers all the way down through the workforce – we need to communicate that the changes weren’t just a box-ticking exercise and were actual improvements that were seen by all employees across the business.

Another challenge was selecting the best messages and clips to show in the video – there was a lot of improvement and it was tough to cherry-pick the best ones to show.

Having filmed for many large bluechip organisations, we know that people’s time is precious. We had to maximise the time we had with each employee and ask the right questions. Prior to arriving at the location, we had prepared a list of people to be interviewed and a list of questions to ask them to get the answers and key soundbites we needed to make a powerful and engaging testimonial video.

Overall, the project was a great success, and the video was shared with both new and existing cohorts undertaking the consultancy programme. It raised internal awareness of the programme’s importance, and for many employees, seeing their collegues give such powerful testimonials to the impact of the programme motivated them to want to take part.

Filmed Video

Motion Graphics