Ogenic is a premium range of 100% Natural Bio protein Hair Growth Products for eyebrows, lashes, hair and beards. Studiowide created the brand from a concept idea to a complete product range, ready to distribute through multiple distribution and retail channels.

The market for hair growth products was saturated with people who were looking to capitalise on an unfortunate desperate situation that some people found themselves in, which resulted in seeking any lotion or potion that claimed to regrow or thicken hair growth. Recent biotechnology science had made some advancements in this area, particularly with eyelash and eyebrow serums. It was our task to create a premium product that firmly established Ogenic as a credible brand.

We worked with suppliers to source a suitable range of packaging that would evoke a premium feel to the brand and then set about designing labels and boxes to complete the range. At the same time, we worked on the online presence for the brand and created an eCommerce solution that would facilitate single item consumer sales and multipack, distribution bundles for resellers. Studiowide also designed all stationery, including social media pages and other marketing collateral such as adverts, brochures and flyers.

In 6 months, the Ogenic brand went from being an idea to an eye-catching, multiple product range, getting into the hands of multiple beauty influencers and resulting in Ogenic Lash product being chosen as one of the best eyelash serums based on polls and testing by Lash Inc.