Community Portal Web App

The Heroes Foundation supports an online community of Heroes through their development journey. We are extremely proud and grateful to have the opportunity to create this unique online community portal, developed to work alongside humanutopia’s flagship leadership and volunteering programme for young people, “The Hero’s Journey”.

Studiowide, working as the retained marketing partner for humanutopia, was asked to design and develop this web portal. The platform is built on WordPress and enables pupils to sign up, login and manage their journey of change. A user record keeps track of all activities that have been undertaken by the “Hero”, who can also log activity as completed hours. In addition, there is a membership networking and messaging facility built into the application. The Heroes Foundation can be accessed by all mobiles, tablets and notebooks, and on any modern browser.

WordPress CMS, plugin customisation 100%
HTML5, CSS3, light scripting, SVG animation 100%
Graphic design, infographics, copywriting 100%