Chef Bernie’s Sauces Ltd are a small artisan food manufacturing company based in Southhampton who make the most amazing unique sauces. We were approached by Chef Bernie and Caroline following a referral from another artisan food producer who we had worked with previously. Chef Bernie’s Sauces were looking to revamp their packaging design, including all labelling, and to also introduce a variety of gift box items to complete the range.

We have worked with a number of food manufacturers at all stages of the product development process, from initial concept and design stages, right the way through to brand refresh and general product design. Projects like this are a lot of fun to work on. Sometimes the owner will decide that very day that they want to introduce a new range – it’s that sort of agility that makes these projects special. It’s our job to bring the idea to life. Chef Bernie has amazingly creative ideas when it comes to food – our challenge was to convey this creativity through the packaging design.

When discussing any design process, whether face-to-face or over a video call, the goal for us is to get an appreciation for the product. And of course, this does mean experiencing it for ourselves, which is a great perk! We worked closely with Chef Bernie and Caroline on their packaging design project to make sure that we understood their vision exactly. At times, we had to mockup the label and recreate the boxes according to the cutter guide to make full advantage of the space and to ensure that critical information was positioned in the right place for retail optimisation.

It was a pleasure to work with Chef Bernie and Caroline on this project, and both are over the moon with the final designs. The whole of Chef Bernie’s brand is now coherent right across the range. It’s unique, fresh, and jumps out at you, perfect when it comes to battling for consumer attention on the retail shelf. We had a fabulous product to work with – we just applied our creative touch, the end result is amazing!


Packaging Design