Rolls-Royce is one of the world’s leading industrial technology companies. Their Civil Aerospace division is a major manufacturer of aero engines for large commercial aircraft, regional jets and business aviation markets. As a long-term supplier to Rolls-Royce, we were recently asked to completely overhaul their online HSE Guide for their global workforce.

The company had grown their operations over the years and as a result had merged a number of businesses. One of the challenges for us was going through the current HSE content and, working with the Rolls-Royce department heads, come up with a condensed version that was relevant to their current workforce. In addition, the new format had to be accessible to a global workforce and needed to reside, unrestricted, on the web, independent of the main internal network.

Stage 1 of this project was to collect all available content that was relevant to the HSE guide – which equated to many hours of learning information – and condense it down into bite sized chunks. We utilised our capabilities in instructional design and graphic design to convert key messages to infographics, impactful layouts and a balanced structure that guided the user through 13 chapters of engaging content, published in a static PDF. (The static PDF is used in instances where users may prefer to read from downloaded content.) Once the static PDF was signed off, we set about creating a digital, interactive version using HTML5 and CSS3. This was created from bespoke code and added another dimension to the HSE Guide. In addition to the development of the online version, we also provided a secure hosting service to Rolls-Royce to facilitate the cloud hosting of the Rolls-Royce Offsite Workers Guide.

This Guide provides Rolls-Royce Offsite Workers with critical HSE information to help stay safe while working away from Rolls-Royce sites. It provides information, aligned to the Certified to Operate training that Rolls-Royce employees have already have completed, and is to be used as a quick reference guide and reminder of safe working practices when working offsite.

Click here to view the full HSE Online Guide.

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