Health Connect are more than just an online GP Service. From video appointments with doctors and specialists to online sessions with physio and dieticians, the company is changing the way everyone accesses healthcare. With zero waiting times, zero travel time, and zero referrals – just direct access to all your health and wellness needs in one place.

We were tasked with creating a series of videos that would be used at a launch event being held at the Everyman Cinema, Altrincham. The event would be showcasing the opening of their brand new, fully bespoke hospital. The videos needed to provide a glimpse into the services and facilities that Health Connect offer.

Our biggest challenge on this video production project was time – the launch date and cinema screening were booked 4 weeks from the project start date. In addition to an extremely tight deadline, the overall requirement was to deliver 7 videos filmed from a number of locations. These videos were planned using cutting edge filming and editing techniques to model certain environments that were not yet fully functional. We also planned a considerable amount of drone footage showing off the exterior and interior!

The client requested footage showing a fly-through of the building, darting from room to room to showcase all of the new technology in one action-packed video. We also had requests to accommodate immersive filming technologies and 360-degree filming.

We booked a number of filming days to be onsite to capture all of the required footage, whilst our animation team worked on producing the assets required for each of the 7 videos, such as motion graphics, motion tracking and image manipulation. Some of the videos required walkthroughs of the clients’ software that was not fully functional as of yet. In those cases, we digitally recreated video assets and edited our animation over the top of this using various techniques and steps to blend this animation work in with the real footage.

For the immersive videos, we settled on filming from the perspective of the patient, with the camera placed in the location of their head. This allowed the dentist and staff to interact with the camera as if it was a real-life patient – adding a level of immersion to the project.

Our overall objective was to bring the product and service offering of Heath Connect and Equilibrium Healthcare to life through the medium of video. Innovation is at the heart of this forward-thinking healthcare organisation, this was clearly communicated through all of the 7 videos and delivered well within the 4-week deadline. This provided Health Connect Ltd to launch their service on the planned launch date to eagerly awaiting guests consisting of employees investors and other stakeholders in the organisation.

Onsite Filming

Drone Footage

360-Degree Filming